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would you want to handle the bags (cloth) that people bring in to put their groceries in?? Up here you either bring your own bags or pay .05 cents to "buy a paper one". All to "save the planet" I don't do so I pay the charge but I have seen some pretty gross bags people bring in. Ewwwwww!!

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It wouldn't bother me one bit. We have been taught in the last 30 years to fear all things because somebody else may have touched it. What we have done is weaken our immune systems. My mother used to tell me that a little bit of dirt was good for you and it think she was right.

I agree with that, but some of these bags look like meat (or what ever)have dripped in them and no, some people are dirtier than good old fashioned dirt.

Sorry, my spelling is bad today! Were

I keep buying them and forgetting to bring them to the store, I prefer paper because I use them as my recycle container in a cupboard till I collect enough recycle to put in the big blue container.

I don't know how I would feel If I had to put groceries in a really gross bag. I agree that people are a little too sanitized these days, I boosted my immune system way high as a kid, I could get really dirty catching polywogs.

and depending on the store the paper ones even have handles.  Like lifesighs, I have a collection of the reusable bags and I forget to put them back in the car so that when I do go shopping they are available.  I must have 5 or 6 of the things collected now that have never been used more than once.  I use the paper bags for my bottles and cans too, when full I put them out by my dumpster for the homeless to collect.  A small part of my on-going charitable contributions.

I wouldn't have a problem loading stuff into a less than perfect bags, but I might invest in a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitizer  not that I use it often but you know it when you need it.   

My grocery store must be nice nasty cause they double wrap the meat and wrap the loose veggies and then put it in the reusuable bags.  I actually wash my reuseable bags when they get nasty. I am a bit of a germaphobe... from a former compromised immune and I'm a teacher...goes with the territory.

i made my own reusable bags that can be laundered as need be.  my store used to give you 5c a bag for your own, so that was a nice little treat. altho never enough to buy a candy bar at the checkout! they stopped that refund since another store that did that closed up so they said there was no more competition.  i still use mine, they won't break like paper, and more fits in one than in plastic... every now and then i get plastic ones to use for the kitty litter. and i go to a farm stand for the big paper ones for the recycling stuff.

but as to the question here, as a checker, i would use the customer's bags and plenty of hand sanitizer....

But all the doctors on tv....and my own....say the hand sanitizers don't do much in the way of getting rid of germs.  They say nothing beats soap and water.....you just have to do it a lot, and do it for at least 20 seconds. 

I have several nice cloth totes I have received free from the charities I donate to.  And they all end up staying home when I go shopping.  I do use the plastic bags for lots of assorted things.  I've even learned how to make crafty things with them.  I made a Christmas wreath with some....and ghosts to hang on my tree for Halloween.  I have used my totes as carry-ons for the train, though. 

Where is this Wal-Mart......Mars?? 

I have never seen anything even remotely like these people......and I have even shopped Wal-Mart in the middle of the night....every time I go up home we do.  Oh, I see people wearing odd clothing combinations.....but nothing like these.  Must be California.  That's like another country, isn't it? 

I think most of it is real but a compilation from many store in many different parts of the country. I have seen people like that. One of many reasons I never go to Walmart anymore.




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