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Lots of sex can make you look up to 7 years younger

15 hrs ago

Here's something that'll get you in the mood: Research has shown that having a healthy sex life can make you look five to seven years younger. According to Dr. David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, the endorphins released during sex have a number of health benefits and can reduce anxiety, aid in sleep, act as a natural painkiller, boost circulation to the heart and make the skin appear more elastic. All this adds up to a more youthful appearance for the physically amorous. Dr. Weeks found that those who looked younger than their age had sex three times a week on average, leaving little time to actually participate in the study. [Source]

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The fella's already get their Viagra paid by insurance...don't be too greedy!

Go figure. Six months after Viagra hit the market it gets covered by most insurance. Sixty years after the "Pill" hit the market it is still problematic to find insurance that covers it although more and more do. And many on the younger end of the reproductive spectrum not have insurance and that is where the need for contraceptives is greatest. But the majority of the legal system and legislators are dominated by men and with the advent of Viagra, they may not even have the amount of blood flowing to their brains that they used to.

LMAO at this post and responses...this subject certainly woke people up...hahaha! People always have said I looked younger, now I know WHY!! I guess I can thank my ex husband for that, huh? It was pretty much every day for the first 20 years. Several times/day in the first 10...I don't know...I got married young, I thought that was normal. Not that I really was having all that good of a time...it made HIM  happy and gave me time to think what I should do "next" while taking a break from housework and the kids....LOL ;-)  When I first got divorced, I figured it wouldn't matter if I ever did it again. I could care less really. Well, ok...so I was WRONG! Haha but seriously, I probably could take it or leave it at this point. And for now, I am aging quickly...LOL!! I'm not getting the "you look young" line much anymore.




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