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Well, had to have my studded  (love that word) snow tires put on today.  Alredy started snowing and supposed to do so till Sunday.  Oh the joys of winter!!!

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I am glad to see you are studded! Though I am not sure what the tire reference is? Put an extra blanket on the horses and stay close to the fireplace. I have heard that snow stuff is pretty bad....

Yep, and I drive 100 miles a day in it. Won't blanket the horses  as the have warm stalls to go in and out as they please and they would get them wet.  That would be ick.  I see  horses all the time out in the pasture with wet blankets and just shake my head.

There's a reason I moved south, then farther south, then farther south - no snow and finally no ice...  Got those pesky hurricane warnings, but not too often in Jacksonville so haven't had to evacuate ... yet ... at least we do get enough warning TO evacuate, too!

Well I'm a Texan  and while I do love the seasons I do not like to drive in ice and snow.  When I retire (??) I am outta here!!

I'm a Chicagoan, been there, done that, as far as the 4 seasons go - lived in Central Wisconsin, Iowa, central Illinois, driven through blizzards/white outs, on black ice ... nope.  Done with it.  Looking out at the frozen white tundra just makes me cold, lol!  I still go up once a year around Christmas, when I take my chances because of my soon to be 85 year old mother, but other than that - the only snow I want to see is on the television!

I love snow....if I could stay home, ride my horses, bake cookies, etc.  Guess this is when I count my blessing that I have a great job, insurance and a roof over my head.

I count my blessings when I think about what a great big, beautiful country we have to live, work and play in, and that those of us who prefer the colder climes (with snow, skiiing, etc.) can choose to live there while those who prefer the warm tropical breezes can choose to live there, and those who prefer the high desert and.or mountains, can choose to live there.  There's something or someplace for everyone to call home and enjoy... while retaining whining/wining rights about the down side of their particular version of paradise!

I don't even have a hamster so the whole blanket thing is beyond me. When you look out on a tropical paradise daily you have the time to look at all the cozy moments. I visit snow on a regular basis just to be reminded why I live in South Florida.

Ya'll need a dog, everybody needs a dog.  Would Amber like a horse, I'll gladly share....

Pass on the horse.....

I just returned to Virginia from Illinois and Indiana, where I spent the Holidays.  The most snow I saw was about an inch and a half in Indiana.  We had a green Christmas in Illinois.  My daughter and her hubby had to go way up into Wisconsin to find any snow to snowmobile in.  I bought the great grandsons snowboards for Christmas....and they had 50 degrees today!!  They're not happy about that. 

Me?  I am a great snow driver.  I was born in northern Minnesota, and raised in Wisconsin.  Snow doesn't scare me.  I admit I don't like the shoveling, but, to be honest, I always had someone around to do most of that for me.  I dislike the intense cold that usually follows the snowfall, however.  We get very little snow here in VA, and what we do get usually doesn't get here til late January/early February.  It's hilarious, cuz when we get an inch and a half of snow.....they close the schools!  What a bunch of wimps!  But the kids love it....they grab plastic tobaggons, flying saucers.....even cardboard boxes.....and slide down the little slanty slope we have here behind the houses.  Poor things.....they try.  But they'll never have the fun I had sliding down a big hill in the park with my kids....dog chasing from behind. 

It's no secret to folks who know me on this site....I am not a big fan of Florida.  I like to visit....don't wish to live there.  Too hot....too humid.....too many creepy crawlies.....and the biggest thing.....NO HILLS!!  Or do you take them in during the day?  If I lived near a beach, I'd much rather it be on the N.C. coast. 

can't say i miss the snow and ice .. lived in the ny n.j. metro area most of my life till about gee i dunno now 23 or 24 years so i would have to say florida is now my home .. today it was 87 degrees .. but to be fair i think we broke some kinda record .. by one degree .. global warmin and all that .. gonna be in the 80's pretty much all week .. but it can dip down sometimes and catch you with your pants down .. we have it go all the way down to the 20's .. not often .. i remember back in 89 it actually snowed on ft. myers beach .. it didn't really stick for long .. but it was snow .. i ain't seen it since ..don't miss it either .. i don't mind the 65 degree days in the winter which is a little cold .. it usually makes it to the 70's .. but then this is the time of the year for all them snowbirds to come down here .. if you want 78 degrees in january and you're from vermont you have to come here and get it cause we can't bottle that shit up and mail it to you .. i think i shoveled enough snow to last me a lifetime .. i used to drive the snowplow at this on place i worked and we got snow so bad it actually broke the plow from too much weight .. and i ended up gettin stuck there for 24 hours .. and nobody could get thru .. so i answered the phones all day .. i remember the preisident of the co. called up and asked who's this and i knew it was him so i told him the president .. to which he replied but i'm the president .. not today you're not said i .. after a long pause he thought it over and said .. well ok .. you can be the president for today .. so .. even tho i had to give up bein the president of the company .. i'd still rather be here .. in my sunny paradise .. you can stick that snow where the sun don't shine .. eee.. i sound so mean don't i ?? just teasin .. so go out and build a snowman or somethin ..  




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