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An amazing phenomenon happened this week. I gave my senior class some free time on Friday because it was the last day before vacation, and I offered to play some music for them. I asked what they wanted to hear, and they said COUNTRY!. These are highly sophisticated affluent suburban kids, and they wanted country music. When I put it on, I saw them singing along. GO COUNTRY MUSIC. Plus, the NYC metropolitan area hasn't had a country station since 1999. We now have one. What on earth happened?

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this can give you some cultural whiplash....texas blues to classical eccentric

satie's music was as much about what was NOT there as it was about what was played...the spaces were as important as the notes...

I set my Pandora to quick mix, so I go from country to outlaw to classic rock to James Taylor to Van Morrison to blues to cajun to Beethoven to opera favorites to piano bar to Joni James to Zumba to dance to belly dance to Kris, etc. etc. etc.  My husband says it makes his head spin.

wahl shucks little lady in that case....and how do you the tractors' baby likes to rock it? that one just always makes me grin

and jerry jeff.....

Good dancing music.  I actually line dance to this.  Trashy Women, Woo woo.

saw jerry jeff walker years and years ago in calgary...just a great show..with the lost gonzo band and the amazing rhythm aces....i might have missed out on the trashy women tho...

Jerry Jeff was an amazing writer and performer but he was wild as hell. Both Kris Kristofferson and Jimmy Buffet site him as one of their major influences.

The intro to this song mentions Walker and a bunch of other bad boys.


I love the ole outlaws!




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