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Or maybe the weather, but I can't get my fanny in gear at all today. It's snowy, cold (18 out right now) and the sun is hiding. I have about a gazillion things I should be doing and here I sit. Anyone else suffering the winter doldrums today? If so, and you have any tips, please share. Think I'll take a nap. 

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It's 71 here and sunny, I do know your feeling though which is why I moved back to the climate I love best. We'll be planting for spring in about 3 weeks with new sprouts of spring flower growth. I love having spring in February.

After 6.5 years in Wyoming I'm so grateful to be back where no gloves or coats are really necessary, light jackets or sweaters in the evening. It does get cold in the middle of the night here.

We generally do not have a lot of really bad weather here in Tennessee but we do get some. They are calling for 15 degrees tonight.
I do get depressed in the winter because there just isn't much to do. Caleb, my son with Down, and i travel a lot but in the winter there just isn't much you can do once you get somewhere. I would move further south but money might be a problem if I went where I would really like to.

Thats way too cold for anybody. We had a little cool spell but right now it's going but going back up...I like it when we don't need cooling or heating. I grew up in the cold.... I prefer the warmer weather.

ehh.. i'd hate to have to move back to jersey someday .. you never know for certain what the future holds for you but if i don't have to then i never will . 18 degrees sounds downright uncivilized to me .. eeeeeeee.. my heart goes out to you americanwoman .. 

 i saw robins the other day too,  altho it was way too cold for them.  they were high in the tree, then all flew off in formation... what made it even stranger was that we were at my uncle's funeral service at the cemetary and he was a great gardener and outdoor guy, so it was like the birds paid a tribute....




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