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Somebody mentioned this documentary a while back.  I just watched it.  It's about people living in Florida in a retirement community.  AAGGHH!!!! So depressing.

Carpe Diem, everybody.  While our bodies are still working and our minds are still clear and our skin is still smooth, make hay while the sun shines.

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'While our bodies are still working and our minds are still clear and our skin is still smooth, make hay while the sun shines.'

Too late.

LOL...I've already seen it...making as much hay as I can!!


My Hay maker won't work ....

Being in my sixties, I often think about this.  Twenty years ago, in my forties, I was in my prime on top of my game, and those years went by sooooooooooooooo fast--the blink of an eye.  Twenty years from now will go just as fast, but OMG, I"ll be in my eighties. 

I am not ready for all this.  I got places to go, people to see, things to do.  Or did I do all that already?

I'm turning 68 in June. 3 years ago I jogged 3 miles/day and was in great shape......for my age (how I hate that qualifier). Then I broke my foot and had a pin put in it.....no more jogging said the Doc. I got out of the cast and my foot hurt like hell around the ankle....arthritis said the Doc......then I was taking one of my trips and my other foot, which was on the accelerator, started feeling like it was burning up, I stopped at a gas station and complained about the accelerator and was told there was nothing wrong with it........it was my foot that was giving off a burning sensation...diabetes said the Doc. So here I am in 3 short years WALKING, sometimes limping, usually in some pain and going about 3 miles on good days.

My grandson noticed that I walked slower and didn't run anymore and he asked me 'why'. I told him that I had broken my foot and he replied "old people break easy" . I thought about putting him in a lifetime time-out.....then I thought it could only be for my lifetime, which may not be a long enough punishment.  When you do start deteriorating it seems to happen quickly.

Uno, exactly.  My body hasn't hit that point yet, and I don't want to.  I'm used to being relatively healthy and active.  However, I left teaching because I came home exhausted beyond belief the last couple of years, and now that I am back in it, I don't know how I ever did it.  I was a young mother of little children, had to go to the library to research stuff before I taught it ( no Internet back in 87) did all the mommy things, taught all day, went to grad school for a couple years--where is all that energy now?

  My older sister bent down to pick up a case of water, something she had done a hundred times before, popped something and has been limping ever since even with doctor's care.  That was 5 years ago.  She was always a bull, too.

Waaaaaaaaah.  Somebody tell me something good. NOW!!!!

(PS:  I love this place because we can really be open and honest here! )

I'm not a Pollyanna and I try to be realistc about my life and what my possibilities are right now. I don't want to do it all anymore..Sometimes I think the lack of energy lets me know I need to prioritize my energy...not waste my  time. I try to do the things I wanna do. If not now, when? 

I turned 68 in March, I can't believe how much energy I seem to have lost. Now I force myself to do things I would not have even thought about 5 years ago.

It changes day by day, yesterday I thought I was gaining ground with being able to walk farther without my back acting up, today my back was fine but my energy was lagging, felt like I was walking thru water for the first 10 minutes. I'm not giving up, I'm increasing my physical activity because I want to enjoy the next 15 or 20 years if I get that many.

Keep on going gang I'll cheer you on if you need it.




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