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I think she was a very funny lady but some have other opinions. Tell us what you think.

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I thought she was a hoot.

I always liked  her.  My daughter said that comments under some of the articles about her death were calling her a racist and a hateful person. Do they not realize that she is a comedian and comedians make a living from being irreverent?

And, I know she had lots of plastic surgery, but she was glamorous--always well dressed, perfect hair and nails--beautifully groomed.  In her way, she was a role model because she faced lots of adversity, such as her husband's killing himself, and she carried with her life anyway.

RIP Joan.

I saw on CNN this afternoon that her daughter Melissa saw to it that her hair and nails were done while on her death bed because "that is what she would have wanted".


I just read this article where she talks about being in a man's world. She is right on!


sorry to see her go .. but its a reminder how fragile life is .. somethin so simple as a minor surgery and it kills her .. i'll be honest i wasn't one of her biggest fans but i saw her on louie awhile back and she was givin him advice about a job he really didn't want .. and she was funny , a little dirty but above it all pretty truthful .. it was one of the only times i saw her as she really was and for me that one show humanized her for me which her standup never did .. after that i saw her in a different light .. sad that it took me so long to see her and then i finally did and it was time for her to go.. don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till its gone .. you paved paradise put up a parkin lot ..  

love that song Frenchy, always seems to fit somehow.  

She seemed shallow and spiteful to me but I'm sorry she died.

She was a pioneering female comedian who crossed several societal lines and as a result, opened up doors for others.

That said, she never grew or matured as a comic - She had her schtick, and she beat it to death until the day she died. She never seemed to have one new comic idea in fifty years. For a woman who was gutsy enough to do what she did in the beginning, she sure played it safe for the rest of her career. Oh, well.....




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