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NYC mayor wants stores to hide smokes

NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, fresh off a defeat in his campaign to limit large servings of sugary drinks, proposed legislation Monday requiring stores to put cigarettes out of sight.

The campaign is intended to shield children from tobacco marketing and to keep people who have quit smoking from making impulse buys of cigarettes, he said.

He also proposed a second bill that would raise penalties for retailers who evade tobacco taxes by selling smuggled cigarettes, prohibit them from redeeming coupons, and require them to sell cheap cigars and cigarillos in packs of at least four. — NEW YORK TIMES

Should Tobacco Products be hidden ?
What comes next Hide Condom's , Beer , Even Food ?

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I'm surprised in a city as big as New York that he doesn't have anything more pressing to deal with. As for hiding cigarettes from kids, I don't see anything wrong with keeping them on shelves under the counter but then you're messing with the companies rights I suppose. They've covered girly mags with brown covers for years, though. 

Yes, hide all the cigarettes, they are bad for you. Actually I think his heart is in the right place he's trying to help people help themselves. I'd rather have someone like him doing something idiotic than those guys who want to legislate ultra sounds on women to be control freaks.

I think New York was at the forefront of getting trans fats out of restaurant foods. I thank them for that.

Well if it prevents one kid from taking up the habit of smoking then it's worth it ....

just the other day i saw an ad on tv for hard liquor and it surprised me. i thought they were no longer allowed to advertise on television but that might have changed. way back, not only were a lot of the sponsorships from tobacco and alcohol companies but the items were blatantly inserted into the programs as displaying chic sophistication when you used their products. great way to get kids started drinking and smoking...now when the health costs of diseases caused  by those products are borne by the manufacturers and not the taxpayers, i'll weep for the manufacturers but not before. you can consider it part of the healthcare mandate on the prevention side of the ledger.

I find it somewhat insulting that this Mayor thinks he is more able than the people to make healthy decisions for themselves.  He is getting on my last nerve.  If people want to smoke, they will with or without Bloomberg making safe cocoons for them.

A funny thing happened Sunday when we were at the pub celebrating St. Patrick's day. Of course, no one was smoking inside, but the place reeked of cigarettes.  Why?  The place was packed, everyone was drinking ( one guy was done with beer and moved on to Jameson's), and many were going outside to smoke and back in again.  Why is alcohol OK and big gulps and cigarettes not ok?  It seems hypocritical to me to pick and choose the things people should or should not do.  I say butt out.

Insurance companies should charge more for people who are overtly choosing unhealthy lifestyles rather than the government saving people from themselves.

I don't think the government should legislate ultra-sounds either, but I think each individual abortion clinic should on its own educate women who choose abortion as to what they are actually doing and how big the fetus is, etc.  Let the government work on North Korea's promise to blow us to smithereens with a nuclear bomb.

Back when i was growing up Rubbers (OK Condoms) were in bathroom's for a quarter and in drugstores and you had to ask for them . That may be why a lot of girls got pregnant . The boys were to embarrassed to ask for them . Now in Walmart they have a large space for condoms in different sizes , Vibrators for women in a one shop experience . I never could find finger rubbers when i needed them ...

See that last bit you wrote?  TMI, Wayne.  Golly! Maintain some mystery, my friend.

It surprised me i come up with that ... Not that small in them days . I had very little experience ...

I'm not wild about government sticking their noses in our business but I'm glad Michigan banned cigarettes in public places. I smoked like a fiend for 35 yrs and I feel bad now for all the second hand smoke I put into the air and all the illness I inadvertently caused me kids. Many of the bars around here let people smoke anyway, which is one reason we don't go to many of them; they reek and we come home smelling like we did when we were lighting up. 

I also don't think anyone should be ultra sounding anything unless they're asked specifically. I don't think the majority of women/girls make the decision to have an abortion lightly; rubbing an ultra sound in their face before hand just makes it uglier. Too bad the government wasn't as concerned with those little children who are abused and beaten to death by parents who never wanted them as they are sticking their nose into a woman's body.  

you should never ever stick your nose in a woman's body unless you are asked to...just a rough rule of thumb i figure but it keeps me out of trouble...

I learned that a long long time ago about sticking my nose in wrong places ...




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