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I hope everyone has a good holiday.  From a religious point of view, I think this is a more significant holiday, yet it has never been one I have been particular about.  I prefer the warm and fuzzies of the Christmas season.  But I don't mean any disrespect and certainly hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

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awww t..  you always try to be so politically correct .. its ok to say happy easter or have a nice passover .. and if anyone takes any kinda offence they can just shit in their hat and pull it over their ears .. i hope you enjoy your easter sunday .. and everyone else does too .. if you are religious ( and not everyone is ) it should be the most important christian holiday of the year .. its not everyday that someone is crucified and then comes back again .. nobody else comes to mind .. its a good day to be with family and be thankful for all thats been given to us ..  

well i like fuzzy things too but in the meantime,  happy easter, a good passover or whatever you celebrate or don't , enjoy and take care of each other.

yup .. thats the spirit problem .. be excellent to each other .. 

Hope ya'll have a great day...looks as though I will have a good one too...yippee!

that's what I like to hear.




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