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Ever know anyone that had a Flat Top ?

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Yeah.....my dad.....and my first husband.  Both came out of the military with flattops and just kept them.  Said they were easier to care for. 

My mom finally talked some sense into my dad.....

And I convinced my husband to grow his out.  He had beautiful, wavy blonde hair; such a shame to cut it so short. 

I used to have long thick hair black as could be . As i got older my hair receeded so much in front that i just started shaving it all off . Not much upkeep that way . I had friends that had flat tops . Ya sure don't see them today . Maybe in another part of the Country , just not around here .

Flat tops were cool on teen guys when I was little, then in the late '80s they got popular with the high school kids again. My son had his cut that way and it was still a modified form in his Sr pictures, in '92.

Nope, I don't recall anyone I know who had one. My family all has thick hair which my son is grateful for because his dad started getting thin on top at a young age. My husband who is 84 is just starting to get a little thinner other wise has great hair it's white now but it's all there.

Yes, he's 16 1/2 years older than I am, he exercised a lot during his life, played tennis and jogged. I guess it paid off. He's losing his memory now and currently has shingles but other than that he's good to go. Still likes to work in the yard and mow grass etc.




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