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Has anyone tried those energy boost drinks like "5 Hour Energy"?  Do they work?  I am not looking for a quick sugar buzz, I have just noticed lately that my energy level is in the toilet and have been wondering if these things helped.  And I am aware that the more I exercise the more energy I will have, but right now I don't seem to have the energy to do anything except get through the day.  Caffeine helps, but I have to stop drinking it  by noon or so, otherwise it impacts my sleep that evening.  Of course, perhaps if I had the energy to do more exercise then I would sleep better too.  Any ideas? 

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I tried the 5-Hour Energy shot,it tastes terrible,but it does help a little.I mostly drink Venom or Monster(i'm drinking a monster as I'm typing this.)


have you had your thyroid checked lately? depression also affects energy levels... i'm a firm believer in exercise tho, even a brief walk during lunch time will help--plus getting the change of scenery and fresh outside air, so many office buildings have 'toxic' air....

Also if you have high blood pressure be careful. I find a glass of ice tea works pretty well.

Have you had a blood test lately T2? I've had my potassium levels crash to low levels and that drains my energy. I have to take potassium caps every day now. 

I've heard some bad stories about those energy drinks, heart attacks etc. Get checked out before you try them so you don't make it worse. Take care.

Try sublingual b12.   And cardio exercise--as Lucind says, even a brief walk outside helps.  They are the best energy boosters for me.  An energy drink would make me bounce off the walls.  Sudafed make me bounce off the walls.

And when I am depressed, nothing give me energy except time, the great healer. But I'm lucky because when I sink, my husband pulls me out of the house.

Thanks everyone.  Yes I have been checked out, blood pressure is good, working on blood sugars, no problems with thyroid.  The advice about the B12 and potassium levels makes me realize that I haven't been taking my daily vitamin and will start doing that again.   I do know that getting out for a short walk or some cardio in the afternoon would help but most days I am so busy I don't have time to take a lunch break at all.  Yeah I know that isn't healthy either.  It just seems like I even wake up tired on most days.  I don't think it is depression, but that can certainly be part of the vicious cycle, no exercise, too tired, feel bad about self, too tired, no exercise, feel bad about self....etc.

Frankly, I keep hearing the line from that Cher movie - "Get over yourself"  LOL  Anyway, thanks for the advise on the energy drinks I didn't think they really worked.  

I once had  fatigue SO profound that I would drink one or even TWO of those energy drinks and fall dead asleep ANYWAY!! LOL!! The only thing that was "wrong" I guess was I had LYME DISEASE in its "chronic/long term" stages! I tried a lot of things and eventually I just got better but "in the process" I did find that anything that was Caffeine in liquid form made either NO difference or seemed to have the OPPOSITE effect and made me sleep.  Caffeine in PILL form though HELPED. (Vivarin, No-Doz, or Excedrin)  I also discovered Adderall (commonly used for ADHD but also for people with Narcolepsy) worked well and when I told my doctor this, he prescribed it for me for an "as needed" basis. Unfortunately, he quit his practice and MOVED out of state and I wasn't able to get any more.




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