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Alright flog me ....

Anyone planing a special dinner For Easter ?

Ya can also have a diner for the Easter Bunny ya know .....

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Going OUT for brunch.  Last year I had three holidays here.  This year, I had Thanksgiving and a small Christmas.  Easter out!

I get the grandkids together a day ahead of easter and load them up with candy. It's fun to watch the littlest ones look for easter baskets. I don't waste my time making special foods as they don't eat much of anything. I order a pizza and watch them remove the different ingredients they don't care for and also make macaroni and cheese as a failsafe alternative.

I dislike large, adult gatherings and have the kids over a day or 2 before all holidays and enjoy solitude on the actual holiday.......I enjoy it that way.  

I'll probably make a dinner of some sort, I usually do. I'm not a fan of Ham or we might go out if my husband is feeling better. He's in his 4th week of shingles.

My husband had a milder case about 35 years ago, this one is mostly a painful arm and shoulder, the pain pills don't seem to help much. He says he's feeling better this week. Most of the people I've talked to said it takes about a month so we're hopeful.

Hope he gets over it soon . Some pain's can't be helped with Medication . I have the Gout . Got it in my elbow a long time ago . No pain med's worked . Doctor give me a subscription for indomethacin (Indocin) . That caused the pain to go away .




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