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Anyone gonna die any eggs ? At least for the Grand kids ....

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I plan on boiling around 4 dozen for Pickling . Beet Juice and Vinegar ...Put in Quart Jars for my own belly ....

No grandkids, only eat one egg at a time and generally freshly scrambled, fried or poached, not hard boiled, so ... not this year, though I have in the past!

I'm done with egg Dyeing.  The grands can dye their own. Or their parents can do it.  I'm cooooooooooold, I know.

Guess we getting too old to do things like we did in our past ....

Not too old, Wayne, too lazy in my case, lol!

No grands, my son is 45 and 2500 miles away. I'll have a poached egg on toast instead.

used to do this when i was a kid and then with my kids... even tho i have never understood the connection between colored eggs and chocolate rabbits with Easter??  i can understand the beginning of spring, and happy pretty colors and flowers and stuff...  but isn't Easter, the Resurresction and all, a really religious holiday???  how the heck did hiding eggs on the bookshelf fit into that?

aren't dyed eggs something to do with a Greek or Polish tradition?? maybe not Easter related?

Oops, I did't remember about the pickled eggs until I read your post, Wayne. I make them too each year and when I went shopping it didn't even cross my mind. Guess I'll have to make another trip...

Nope, I don't dye eggs. I disliked doing it when my kids were at home. Last time I did it was when my now 37 yr old son was in high school and he insisted. Then of course once I got all the stuff and was boiling the eggs he informed me that he had something else to do that day. Last eggs I ever dyed.

I know why the eggs and the Easter bunny.  Yes, it's all about resurrection and new life and fertility.  The Norse Goddess Eastro was the godess of fertility.  When Christianity came along, it wanted the pagans to convert happily, so it made its holidays kind of correlate to those of the pagans' so that they could party at the same time.  Christmas is the same. The big green tree in the middle of winter, the light in the middle of winter darkness, all lead to hope for the spring which will eventually come.


And chocolate, well, enough said.  It's always good.  I don't think it's religious, but it could mean that after lent and fasting and giving something up, what's better than to suddenly start eating chocolate again.

a pretty girl once told me , you can never go wrong with chocolate .. so when i doubt .. or the doghouse .. chocolate it is .. so far so good .. as far as the easter eggs go i always liked them better than chocolate .. i love eggs even tho they say you shouldn't eat too many .. i still have one most every mornin ..i cut down from three.. and deviled eggs .. man i could eat a truckload of them .. i had a girlfriend once who kept promisin me she was gonna make me some deviled eggs but she never did .. i still remember when we broke up and i said remember when you made me them deviled eggs ?? and she looked at me kinda quiziclly like it was a trick question and finally she said no thinkin i had her confused with someone else .. and then i said yeah .. me neither .. see ya later bye .. 

No Teeth Can't chew ta nuts , I'll have a Milkyway instead ..

Ahhhh, Frenchy, I don't cook but even I have made devlied eggs for the men in my life that I loved who loved devlied eggs!




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