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GOOD GUY!!!!!!

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Wow are you trying to catch up with us geezers frenchy? I hope you have a great birthday and your birthday wish comes true for you.

I won't sing the happy birthday song I'm sure you're listening to something you like much better. 

Happy Birthday!! 

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  You have been a great leader and I consider you a friend....and I don't bestow that title on very many people.  I hope you had a good day, and that you are blessed with many more birthdays to come. 

You are a caring man and you've been a dear friend to me. I am so glad I've met you even though I've never been able to talk to you into actually meeting IRL...ppfftt!

Happy Birthday Frenchy...enjoy your day...big smooch and hug!

Happy B-day Mr Frenchie :)

happy birthday frenchy...i hope you get to unwrap just who what you want for your birthday

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frenchy, happy birthday to you. 

You have now been serenaded by me!  LOL

Good day Frenchy , Hope ya go some good lovin from the group today , happy birthday ....

thanks everybody for the birthday wishes .. and yeah i had a great birthday .. i liked it so much i'm gonna do it again next year . god willin of course .. 




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