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Why are "Hallowed Hall's" Sacred in a court room ?

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If people were allowed to come and go, and do what they wanted, say what they wanted, when they wanted, in a courtroom, with total disregard for the judge, bailiffs, and "sanctity" of the court, it would give new meaning to disorder in the court.  Nothing would get done, more time would be wasted, and everyone would feel they could disregard the judge's orders/rules.  Once you take away the judge's authority, our whole system of justice would be undermined

Hallowed halls reminds me like Holy . I know it has to be respected and a process of order . Since so many organizations now want to take God out of anything in this day and time . I just feel it isn't right since our Country was based on "In God We Trust" . Has the Ten Commandments out of touch these days ?

you might want to go sit down and actually think about what you just wrote. it doesn't make any logical sense. somewhere there is a cog slipping on that logic machine.

I am very sure i have lost a lot of cog's in my pathetic life . Probably loose a lot more before my end .




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