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I'm exhausted.  I have had Christmas here for 36 years.  I have not been able to really relax and enjoy it for 36 years.  I don't have the spirit today--feeling so tired and overwhelmed and I'm not finished with prep, then I have to serve, then clean up.  And that's the truth.  Yes, my husband helps, but he doesn't see all the things that need to be done, so I have to direct him--sometimes that takes more time than anything.  It's time to give Christmas to someone else or go to the restaurant.

And I'm missing all those who died including my nephew who died last year. 

Things change...Rant over.

But I wish all of you Merry Christmas.

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Feeling better now. Things are falling into place for the big dinner at 3.  Phew.

ahhh the stress......just remember....

I share your pain. I do not celebrate the Christmas Holiday per se, but society is very assuming. I tire of it.

What's nice about it is the feeling that I did "good" for people. But I want some...

you mean you want someone to do good for YOU for a change...nothing wrong with that

I discovered last year that there are many others in the family willing to step up and help put our family celebration together...so for this year much less stress for everyone. None of us getting any younger. If the traditions are going to be passed along, the younger ones need to learn all the things to make your time special too...good for them and good for the rest of us too...pass the torch to the younger generation and rest on your laurels...try it..it might enjoy the time more.

pass the torch....but be careful they don't burn down the place




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