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How do you feel about the Death Sentence ?

What gripes me about it is the long

grown out process of appeals till a

person is put to death . Lot's of people

are against it . I believe if these lower

life forms were quickly put to death it

would slow crime down . Maybe wrong

for thinking that way . Curious how you all

feel about it !

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I have no objection to capital punishment for capital crime. However, the way the system works in the US is not a deterrent  is too expensive, too often kills the wrong person, and takes too long to accomplish. So as a pragmatist, I say we should just do away with it.

I agree with Kathy. Just think how an innocent person must feel sitting on death row. And yes ter are many innocent people there.

You could learn a thing or two about writing concisely from Dell.

If Capital punishment meant sentencing all politicians to death I'd be in favor of it. 

Now it might would get something done with a treat of death pointed to them . I think those people that have been elected all acrose the grid should not get paid till they got together in a united agreement of how this country runs and fix it . Death would be the easy way out . It cost so much more than i could ever make working a job to keep them imprisoned . That part ain't right .

Unfortunantly I don't believe that would work either. Under our political system the squeaky wheel often is what gets results. It requires us to actually get involved. Vote, write letters and support your representative. If they don't support you, then vote for a different representative. The system is not designed for speed but for persistence.  We, on the other hand, tend to strive for instant gratification. Without this involvement the politician will tend to support those who support them...

I love instant gratification, I say 1 appeal and then the needle.  But then I'm from Texas...

I love instant gratification. But then I'm from the male gender....

when it comes to the death penalty i vote for slow and steady .. too many trials are mishandled and the innocent get convicted .. don't get me wrong .. i'm no bleedin heart liberal and if they have you on tape from 5 different angles killin somebody that would probably be different .. but i still think that no matter what you should always get a fair trial by an unbiased jury .. and nowadays thats pretty hard to do once the press gets a hold of a story .. by the time the jury is selected they've already formed a pretty strong opinion and it could be 90% propaganda and 10% truth .. 

sometimes it helps to actually think about concepts and not get them off the bumper of the pickup in front of you at the stopsign....define 'lower life forms'...are those the people who are on welfare? or the people who don't make as much money as say dick cheney?   you have to be a little bit careful using verbiage like that or next thing you know people are being ushered into the showers as subhumans...or is this a lower life form? how can you tell? they still got the wheels on their trailerhouse?

Pa. Pastor Gets Life Sentence for Killing 2nd Wife

A former Pennsylvania pastor was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole in the fatal bludgeoning of his second wife in 2008.

Arthur "A.B." Schirmer, 64, was sentenced in Monroe County Court nearly two months after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the death of Betty Schirmer. The conviction brought an automatic life sentence.

"My mom is finally able to rest in peace," Betty Schirmer's son, Nate Novack, said after the sentencing. "We do have some closure and it's a great day overall, even though the life conviction isn't going to bring my mom back."

Schirmer is charged separately with killing his first wife, Jewel Schirmer, in 1999. He awaits trial in that case.

Prosecutors said he clubbed Betty Schirmer on the head with a crowbar, then loaded her into their car and staged a low-speed accident in an effort to conceal the crime. The former Methodist clergyman took the stand in his own defense and testified that he was driving her to the emergency room for treatment of jaw pain when he swerved to avoid a deer and hit a guard rail.

Pastor-Slain Wives.JPEG
Arthur B. Schirmer, center, a former... View Full Caption

A jury deliberated about 90 minutes before returning its verdict.

Local police initially believed Betty Schirmer's July 2008 death was the result of a car crash. State police began a more thorough investigation months later, when a man committed suicide in Schirmer's office after learning the pastor was in a relationship with his wife, the church secretary.

Authorities ultimately concluded the fender-bender could not have caused Betty Schirmer's extensive head and brain injuries. Police also found her blood on the garage floor, along with evidence that someone had tried to clean it up.


you know there have been a NUMBER of executions that turned out to have been people innocent of the crime they were convicted and put to death for...look up todd willingham for a starter...comnvicted in part on his contentious ex-wife's uncorroberated testimony in which she claimed he said something....and appeal denied by rick perry cause willingham swore bad words in court and it was an election year.... read something

Well i like the term "Lower Lifeforms" always have . It's just something i used early in life . It has nothing to do with anyone in front of me , beside me , in a trailer park , It's just a word much like redneck , hillbilly , people that don't have common since that beat women , beat a child . It has nothing to do with you . What i know , i just finished High School , the rest i learned day to day to live . Please don't get ya panty's in a wad because i say something you don't like or agree with . I am me , i am 62 years old , i get in bed on the left side . I ain't gonna change for no one at this stage of my life . I take day to day just waiting for the end . I worked a lot of hours in my life for a grand total of10 dollars an hour the last 10 years of my working career . I was happy with that . Never cared to climb the totem pole of life like so many did . I am Me . No body has to like me . Deal with it .....

Personally, I imagine if someone killed a loved one of mine...I would be thinking seriously of some old fashioned bibical style revenge. I think there are some members of society that probably "need killing." Their crimes are so heinous they don't deserve to continue living. The problem with that is we know, as members of a civilized society, none of us are capable of making that type of judgement. Our system of crime and punishment or "justice" as some call it, is seriously flawed...and our system is supposed to be the best in the world.

As a civilized society, we make collective judgements about others in the society all the time, these are the laws we make and we collectively agree that some behaviors are unacceptable. As we have evolved in our thinking, we can go back and revisit those we have judged...but not if we have killed them. We are as flawed as our system. There are way too many cases where "justice" has not been done according to our laws.

As a civilized society, we do not have the right to kill another human being, no matter what kind of lowlife, scum of the earth, needs killing kinda thing.




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