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This is number #5 fact according to this acticle...and somehow these facts make more sense then  of the stuff being being discussed anywhere else. Thought you might like a different slant on the discussion.



After every mass shooting, the gun debate splits into two camps: One side says it easily could have been avoided if these maniacs weren't allowed to have guns; the other says it easily could have been avoided if each innocent victim had only gone through their daily lives in cover formation, armed like the space marines entering the giant murder womb in Aliens.

And that's pretty much the entire gun control debate, as far as the mainstream media are willing to cover. And that is a shame, because it leaves out all of the most interesting parts. Trust us, the longer you look into this, the weirder it gets. For instance ...

#5. Gun Owners Are Mostly Responsible, But Gun Companies' Ad Campaigns Are Fucking Insane


The world is no doubt full of level-headed gun owners who are all about safety and responsible ownership (Note: one of the authors of this article owns four guns, one of which he keeps up his sleeve in a spring-loaded apparatus). They scoff at ridiculous macho action movie fantasies, and they have never stuck a gun through the open fly of their pants and said, "Hey look, it's my gun dick." But gun manufacturers do not themselves appear to share their view.

Photos.com/Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net
"We at Ruger find the gun dick extremely refreshing on hot summer days."

For instance, do you insecure males want to get your "man card" back? Then you need to buy a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, according to renowned masculinity experts Bushmaster (as their ad campaign puts it, "In a world of rapidly depleting testosterone, the Bushmaster Man Ca...").

"I haven't seen my penis in years, so this is comforting."

Wait, is that the same assault rifle the Newtown shooter used? It totally is! That's why they had to pull their "man card" campaign. In the aftermath of the shooting, these ads were forwarded around by disbelieving gun control advocates who seemed shocked to find that they existed, as if gun ads had been outlawed back when cigarettes stopped showing up in Sports Illustrated. It turns out that this is a pretty big blind spot in the gun control debate -- one whole side is made up of people who don't encounter gun ads in their natural habitat and therefore miss a big part of the picture. And that picture looks like this:

Advanced Armament Corp
Gunfitti is a major problem in many American cities.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_20396_5-mind-blowing-facts-nobody-to...

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I grew up in a rural area (where I live now) reading hand me down magazines such Argosy, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, etc.  I remember one of the ads maybe from the 40s put out by the Marlin company (mainly made lever action rifles at the time). The ad said, "Marlin, the gun that made bad Indians good".  The NRA is just a front marketing group for the gun manufacturing industry and they concentrate on opening up and maintaining new markets. Human deaths are just a side effect to them, much like they were to the tobacco industry.

Well i don't own any guns and if i had a while back i would have used it on me . I have nothing against guns . The assault weapons . Just can't see a need for them . They sure don't use them for Squirrel hunting . Whether gun's are banned or not . A person that wants a gun is gonna get it regardless . The man that killed those kids was sick in the head , maybe even needed anger management treatment . But too late now . It can happen any where . Just this week in Charlotte NC . Two teenagers age 14 tried robbing a woman pushing a her baby in a stroller . They demanded money . She didn't have any on her . One pulled out a gun . Shot her and then pointed the gun in the child's face and shot the child killing it . She survived . There is no end to it , Ban or Not ...

Question? Is this another case of a similar case in Charlotte NC? I have been following the case in Brunswick GA and I saw where the sister and Mom of one of the boys has been indicted along with the boys..it's been on the news this morning.

I can't find anything about the Charlotte NC incident..do you think it might be a copy cat murder? Was looking for something on local news or newspaper.... 

Sorry i was mistaken that it was Charlotte . Here is link to where it happen .


Your link is the case I already knew about...I have the info on it...thanks for correcting your response.

I think this country has become too sick to be healed any time soon. I used to be patriotic, not any more.

Kids killing kids, nut cases out there and parents giving them access to guns. I really admire the countries who have limited or banned gun ownership.

The USA has been making bad decisions for a long time and it sucks because now we're in a huge mess. If I didn't like the climate I live in now and the area I live in I would be seriously getting info on other countries to ex pat in.

well i read the whole article and the guy had some ideas from a completely different perspective than what we're used to and maybe thats a good thing .. we have all these stats out there about gun violence but numbers alone don't really do this subject justice .. we all get so upset when we see one of these mass shootins and rightly so but thats such a small part of the number of gun deaths yearly .. and most of them mass shootins can be broken down pretty much one of two ways .. someone has been victimized for too long and finally snaps .. or they're just flat out crazy .. but those mass shootins are probably less than 1% of the total number of gun deaths .. if you add up the number of accidental shootins they probably number more . is that a good thing tho ?? probably not .. no kind of accidental death or injury is a good thing .. yet more are killed in traffic accidents every year than all gun deaths period .. not even close .. and i'm not even gonna suggest we outlaw cars and trucks .. cause thats just stupid .. i do think that these gun ads are pretty stupid .. but then i don't read gun porn anyway and i've never had a gun boner so i don't understand that .. i get where the guy was commin from tho .. a lot of these guys who buy these assault weapons are like little kids who wanna still play cops and robbers or cowboys and indians .. only they don't really get to play .. they just get to look at their guns and clean em and supposedly thats enough to get their gun nut so to speak . and most gun facts would probably bear this out .. except for the occasional real nutcase who really does go off and shoot a shitload of people .. and they become the sore thumb that sticks out and starts the whole lets ban guns routine we go thru .. now don't get me wrong i truly do believe we should keep guns out of the hands of people who don't have the brains and sanity to not use them on other people unwarranted .. no argument from me there at all .. and out of the hands of convicted fellons ?? again i agree 110% .. close the gunshow loopholes ?? absolutely .. down here in florida you can buy a gun at most any pawnshop but you have to wait a few days for your clearance to go thru .. or at least thats how it used to be .. i bought a gun back in 92 or so and i'm sure they weren't computerized at that time .. maybe now if you pass the backround check you can pick it up in minutes if they do it on the computer ?? i'm not sure .. but i'll also agree that that 3 day coolin off period is a good idea and should be kept .. i think a lot of people who don't have access to a gun right away might not try to kill themselves twice if given a chance to think about it .. or someone else either .. how many ?? who knows for sure . could be as high as 75% or even more . but even if its only 5% its still a good idea for those 5% .. so how many gun deaths are done by legally owned firearms ?? now thats a good question .. does anyone have the stats on that ?? because i'm sure that for every gun death by some nutcase there are probably 50 or maybe 100 by some criminal who ain't legal anyway so bannin guns ain't gonna stop that .. and for every gun crime there are probably 1000 people who own guns for years and years without inncidents .. maybe 2000 or even 10,000.. i'm not sayin it makes the gun crimes ok .. cause it don't .. and i don't have a perfect answer to this problem .. i think no matter what you'll still have bad guys who will shoot somebody .. hopefully we can restrict access to guns to crazy people .. and limit the number of guns that get sold on the street .. but i think to say to all the law abidin gun owners we're gonna take your guns too cause there are crazy people out there who will use guns ?? or bad guys who will use guns ?? ehh.. that makes about as much sense as sayin we're gonna take everybodies drivers license away cause somebody might get drunk and drive .. 

It is a different take on the gun issue and I think the conversation needs to change. Number one thing is the govt. needs to look at guns as a public health issue and needs to keep statistics just like cancer or traffic accidents etc. and every gun death should have a causal factor. You know the congress voted regs to prevent the NIH from keeping those kinds of stats. So our information is incomplete. and I think with facts we can maybe change the attitudes of people.

This second amendent crap is just crap...it's not about that at all. It's about the stranglehold the gun lobby has on our politicians...

well as a whole the 2nd ammendment isn't crap .. i think it can be looked at and perhaps fine tuned a bit by stoppin the sales to the crazies .. that would stop maybe 1% of the killins .. but they're usually the most publisized .. and grizley .. and if you could keep em out of the hands of fellons ?? wow .. that would probably take care of another 75% .. but i don't think all the laws in the world will keep em outta the hands of fellons who really want em .. but if you could stop just 40% that would be a huge improvement .. and then last but not least what about the actual self defense homicides ?? the times when a gun actually saved you or your families lives ?? no stats for that .. they just get lumped in with gun deaths .. but there are legitimate gun deaths .. 

freenchy, the problem is the bipolar nature of the gun lobby. it is hard to reconcile their remonstances that we need only keep the guns out of the hands of the criminals and the crazies with their stubborn resistance to background checks. you can't keep the criminals and crazies from buying guns if you DON'T do complete background checks. and yes some criminals will still get guns...but then some won't...so yes, that is an improvement rather than throwing up our hands and say "well they'll get them anyway"

  we lose 30,000 people a year to gun deaths..over 10,000 of those are murders, the others are people committing suicide by gun. the cooling off period is a good thing...gives a person time to stop and think...and that is also why the concealed carry and being able to carry guns in your car are a bad idea...of do you want to be the one to fire fred knowing he keeps a piece in his trunk for protection. texas is discussing whether or not to accept the transfer of concealed carry permits from other states. did you know there are states where you can get a concealed carry permit with just 3 hours of online or by mail training? now the idea of someone being able to carry a weapon dully loaded and accessible with only three hours of computer time or a fill in the blanks questionaire does tend to make me a bit skittish.

and here from a strong advocate for gun rights are great reasons to impose some controls...read the whole page and the comments...these folks believe things which are not even close to facts..

Gun Owners Buy 14 Million Plus Guns In 2009 – More Than 21 of the W...


well see what i wrote above .. i already said backround checks were a good idea .. no argument from me there .. here's a link to suicides .. 


Allow me to clarify...those that would use the 2nd amendent as an argument to defend the right of gun manufactureers to sell any type of gun to anyone is crap. The 2nd amendment was not intended for that and it was never used for that until fairly recently in our history...a well regulated militia?




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