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Okay our first film of the month for discussion is Twelve Angry Men! Director Sidney Lumet, 1957. 96 minutes

Here are some things to think about before or after seeing the film (IF YOU WANT TO). No one needs to answer any or all of these questions. I simply want to give people that would like some ideas a little push.)

Because we are older we may see diversity differently than my students did. How diverse is the jury? What role does class play in the film? Is one class portrayed as more or less honorable than another? How is race protrayed in the film? What American characteristics is the film criticizing (besides a rush to judgment)? This film is praising certain aspects of the US and its people. What is unexpected (if anything) in this regard? How would this film be different if it were made today?

If five days is enough time can we be ready to discuss by Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday?) Let me know about the time frame and I'll post it here.

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Hey, WS. Let's try another movie. Maybe give us a specific date, let's say at least two weeks notice or more. Quinn mentioned Bicycle Thief. Maybe something that is going to be on the classic movie channel? Just as long as I don't have to watch White Chicks or something like that. :-)
Are we through with Twelve Angry Men?

Is Bicycle Thief(ves) going to be on Classic Movie Channel? (Grin - there are a few "white chicks" in Ladri di Biciclette.) Also just a warning - this one will make you cry (or rather it always makes me cry!!)
I didn't mean to make it sound like we were done. I was wondering if anyone related more to one character in the film? I guess I already answered that one. The guy that was defending the old gentleman.




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