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So, recently in order to round up my Amazon order to enough for free shipping I purchased a Hitchcock set of 9 early films. I enjoyed re-seeing The Lady Vanishes with Margaret Lockwood and Dame May Whitty, but the film I really enjoyed was Blackmail -  The opening sequence - about 9 minutes is basically silent. It turns out sound had come on the scene around the time Hitchcock was completing filming in 1929 and so he retooled the film to make it a Talkie.  It was in fact England's first sound film.  What was astonishing was the complexity and beauty of that opening silent sequence, how well it held up and how compelling it was. It was once again made clear to me why Hitchcock is known as the Master.

So what have you been revisiting lately? Are there any old Hitchcock films that give you a cheap thrill?

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I saw the '39 Steps' not long ago.  It was pretty good, but one that I would like to revisit soon is 'Lifeboat'.

What were the other seven films?

Gosh I'll have to dig up the set. I don't remember now. One was the silent one. Blackmail?

No, That is cool! I'll have to take a look! The commenters say they can't find anything HItchcockian about the film, but still it is neat that it was (half) found.

Love Hitchcock's work.  I read where he was so afraid of driving that he did not even have a driver's license.  His wife would drive him everywhere.  That struck me funny when I read that!  He delights in scarring people and he is afraid of driving!

I never saw those films, just a few more that you never see or will see on the boob tube.

He also hated belly buttons and had his removed.

How do you remove a ..... belly button?  Very carefully.....don't want to let all the air out!!!!!!!

(speaking of driving and belly buttons) Has anyone seen the new movie about Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins? It sounds like it could be pretty good.

Hope your sitting down.....I have not been to a movie (theater) since 1972!!!!!!  I saw the "Godfather" and did not like it AT ALL!  I would like to see the movie about Hitch, Anthony Hopkins is a great actor to play the portly gentleman.

Good to know you have discriminating taste. (Although I personally think the Godfather is an excellent film!)




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