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Sometimes a work of art has a major impact on us.  Can you remember seeing a film that really changed the way you think about something or altered your attitude because of the impact it had on you?


For example, I saw a protest film in the 1960s that used the Beatles "A day in the Life"  as a soundtrack - I will never forget seeing it, but have no idea what it was!

And here's another one that influenced me!


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The Verdict comes out on BluRay May 7.

Yes, unfortunately, there are probably way too many movies that changed my life.  If there were any that did it in a positive way, I'll think about it.

How did The Verdict change your life?  Just by showing that you fight whether you win anything or not?  Or you fight just because it's right?  Or for your own dignity, at last?

When it comes to Paul Newman, I liked The Verdict but I prefer Absence of Malice.

Actually I liked Absence of Malice better too - That was just a picture of one that might speak to someone, because I've already put up To Kill a Mockingbird too many times! (wink!)




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