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Back in the day, Hollywood had very fixed ideas about gender. During the war it tended to make pro-American patriotic films, but also (because so many men were off at the war) concentrated on the woman's film (including what is known as soap opera because they used to give away boxes of dish and/or laundry soap at showings) I happen to love some of those old Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford or Bette Davis movies (and I think many men do too)! 

What's your favorite pre-1955 movie with a strong woman character? (I have a whole list, but I'm going to start with All About Eve  because I love Bette Davis and George Saunders was such a wonderful snarky drama critic!

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That's a great choice, Angharad!

Stage Door. Another Great woman's movie. Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Eve Arden, Lucille Ball, et.al.




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