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If you still work or when you worked what did you do?

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I work at a Walgreens and do a little bit of everything

I retired from Keebler- after 34 years perfect attendance (thabks to a wonderful babysitter who loved my boys) I worked in the warehouse repacking damage product- only girl in the department.Next month I will have been retired  22 years and they still send me check every month.After that I did some part time jobs- internet tech- parts driver- parts  dispatcher- and scanner at the Chrysler dealership.

I spent twelve years working in child protective services. When I was married I helped my ex husband run an electrical contracting company. After that I did a little of this and a little of that.

I'm a retired RN....worked nights in the hospital for 9 years...worked in an office in managed care for about 9 years...finished my work life as the discharge planner in a transitional care unit and retired almost 16 years ago.

After college I first worked on Wall Street for a bank (accounting department) that's long gone...Irving Trust Company.  I then switched jobs (after about 2 years) to work for the U.S.Postal Service as a letter carrier.  I liked working for the bank much more than the post office but banks are notorious for not paying very well. 

Clerical slave.

I worked for over 25 years in an institution for the mentally retarded males as an LPN.  Hard to retire at 55 due to an accident.  After that I took care of a little boy, then did home care till I moved to NC.  Haven't done anything since moving here except go out and have fun with friends!!

I worked in tax compliance for the IRS for 34 years, 28 of which I was in management. Did  a lot of work in the illegal tax protest area and was involved in a few high profile cases. Wish I could tell you more. 

As a Disease Intervention Specialist, I interviewed patients with STDs to illicit their contacts, then followed up (usually with field visits) to make sure those contacts were tested and treated if necessary. Other facets of the job included venipuncture, reviewing hospital charts of congenital syphilis babies to make sure they were adequately treated, contacting doctors about patients they treated and advising them about proper treatment protocols when necessary. Each case had to be evaluated to assign the proper diagnosis and determine if any more follow up was necessary.




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