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Would you rather find true love or $10,000?

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Show me the money!

True love

I'd be happiest with just true friendship.

If I was 10 years younger, I'd go for true love, but at almost 81, I'll take the money...small bills, please, so I can spread it around.

I think that I have true love and that would be my choice anyway so just send me the $$$$$...I LOVE money.


Love is complicated, money is not. I'll take the $10,000.

Maybe if it were more than 10 grand - so since it a small amount - I'll take the true love, which I already have.

Give me $9,900. I don't want it reported to the IRS.

Hi Johnnie boy.  Missed your humor.  

Hi Helen. I try to make it when I can. 

I already have love so I will take the money




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