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Are there any words or phrases that you hate?

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My bad and for sure

Well, I don't really hate it (I love words so much, lol), but I'm not fond of the phrase "the good old days."

No problem


That's a bummer.

"That's a good question". Hear it all the times these days.

OfficerRipley, funny you should say that.  My 8 year old granddaughter will tell her father when they get a slurpee at 7-11 it reminds of " of the good old days when grandma used to take me for slurpees"  Her father told her she's too young to have good old days.  

LOL :-)

I can't think of any phrases right now but I hat the P word (used to describe a woman's privates), I hate the F and MF words.

With me, it's words or phrases used incorrectly....like "I could care less", which means exactly the opposite of what they mean.....and I really hate "My bad".




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