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Don't want to get into any religious debates here but I wonder how you feel about the question.  Do you believe there is an afterlife or do you believe that when you die, that's it? Please respect each other's thoughts and beliefs even if they differ from yours.  

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My simple answer is yes, I believe there is an afterlife. 

I do believe there is an afterlife.

I believe there is an afterlife- but it may be different than what we experience now.

I believe that what we think to be an on-going self is attributable to the workings of our minds in conjunction with the bodie's perceptual capacity, rather than some separate,  dualistic energy or soul. Our awareness of self is therefore an emergent feature of the continuing metabolism of the mind/body. Once that ceases, so does all sense of self. Any continuation after that is entirely in the memories of those who knew or knew of us. This may sound bleak to many people, but it does help keep the focus on being fully immersed and appreciative of Life in the Now.

Purely by chance (or is it synchronicity? )  I ran into this quote shortly after my last post.

"There is no need for divine election. Perceptionis itself a form of grace."  ~  Diane Ackerman

Perhaps either but I do believe in synchronicity.

I'm on the same page as Eaglewoman.

Not really.

Personally, I'm keeping an open mind on the subject. I do believe however that whether or not we are aware of this life and who we were in it, we will never entirely be gone. You see, one basic tenent of physics is that nothing, not matter, energy or any combination thereof can ever truly be gone. Matter changes to energy and back again and nothing is ever lost. Atoms may change, our matter may change but the elements that made us are still here. Bits of what once was us may become parts of other life again. So no, we are never truly gone. As far as immortality, we have that thru our children and grandchildren if not anywhere else.

I believe so, in a different form perhaps.

 Yes, I believe in a afterlife.




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