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I have several.  I need to get back to shredding, sifting through stuff I just threw in bags to be organized, purged and disinfected. I have some coat pockets that need mending. It's also time to straighten up the studio room again. It tends to become the catch-all junk room if I don't keep up with things.

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Throwing out a lifetime collection of crap in garage, basement and attic.

I have so much stuff I want to sell but I'm a procrastinator...guitars,coin collection,Lionel Trains and accessories',etc.

Cleaning out my file cabinet. I hate shredding all those papers.

Yeah, the file cabinet....getting hangnails from trying stuff in more stuff. Definitely need to shred, but going slow so I don''t burn up the shredder. I also have stuff to donate, but not sure about who will take what because of the pandemic. The list of projects is longer than the Dead Sea scrolls.

Shortening a buncha pairs of slacks; every day I say I'll get to that today but so far it's still being put off.

I have been cleaning and purging my storage room.  The shelves are about 8 ft. long and were double stacked with boxes.  I have completely halved what I did have and one shelf is completely empty just waiting to be filled again.  LOL  I have been putting this job off for years and now that I am almost finished, it looks so good and uncluttered.  

Next, I have a box of papers that need to be shredded. 

That's wonderful Syble and inspirational

I'm recovering a bench and only have a little left to do on it but I can't seem to get to it.

PTB i did that 6 years ago.  Gave away what folks wanted including the kids and got rid of the rest of it.  When I moved to TN in 2018 I had accumulated more stuff and took very little.  Basically move with my collectables, my clothes and my technology devices.  Now I just collect plants.  




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