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What are you doing this Thanksgiving this year that's different than others in recent years?

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I will be spending Thanksgiving alone this year.

Will be spending Thanksgiving at home, no traveling this year to visit family.

Just my husband and myself. We will have a zoom call with the family. This will be the smallest bird I ever roasted, only 12 lbs.

When we were in Colo. we always had a group of friends over that didn't have families. Since moving to Ohio we go to daughter-in-laws family dinner. This year the 3 of us will stay at home. DIL has been exposed to Civid - don't want to take any chances with the little people there.

Turkey breast for myself and 3 80-something friends in my social bubble. We all live alone, have no family, especially no young people, go nowhere except to the grocery store, see each other once a week, so feel reasonably safe. 

We'll be staying home. Better safe than sorry. We're home bodies anyway so it's not that terrible.

Just going to be the two of us, which it has been last two years.

Dave and I are doing a smaller version of Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. We had been alternating with my younger son, but this year my youngest is doing Thanksgiving with his in-laws. I would have gone home if I had been able to take the train. Dave and I have been cooped up together more than either of us would like, but we are getting through it. Some days are better than others. There's always the dog show to watch; I quit watching foootball. I'm roasting a 15# bird, cuz we like leftovers. It's also Dave's birthday, so I will bake him a cake.

Stayng home

not happy

our church cancelled

rolling with the do what I say not what I do

is getting OLD

Our family won't be getting together. I'll be cooking and it will just be me, my husband, and my ex-husband..

We canceled a planned trip to son's house in S. Car. (600+ miles) due to Covid. Also told my daughter and family here to stay home. Will be just the 2 of us, which sets better with me than Josi.

It's only me and my husband this year. Gonna miss the normal.gatherings that always took place.




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