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I am currently trying to see how long I can keep the flowers out front alive.  I am already way ahead of where I've ever had flowers before.  When I lived in MD  By after Labor day maybe end of Sept.  I'm going to November. Here's the photo I took today.  How long can your area keep them alive?

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We can go usually into November around here. Boy, are your flowers beautiful and nice porch; nice pic!

Thanks.  They were better about a month ago, but tired or not they are still going.  I just keep watering them.  I moved south for many reasons and being able to garden was a big plus.  

These just finished blooming about 150 feet from the house down a hill I can't walk on

At least until Nov or sometimes into Dec.  Depends on the flower or if we have a freeze.  Our coldest months are sometimes January or February.  

No flowers here...6" of snow and zero degrees Sunday AM and 5 yesterday AM. The deer ate all of them before that...they are hungry and eating some willow leaves on the ground. After the 2 cold nights not sure if the cottonwood leaves are frozen in place or if they will drop...hadn't even turned color.




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