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  1. What sports do you like to watch?

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Skateboarding and snowboarding. (Only time I get to watch the snowboarding is on the Winter Olympics; the nearest place to here to get snow doesn't get as much anymore.)

The only sport I like is heavyweight boxing.

Continuous action sports like soccer and hockey. I struggle to stay with sports that keep stopping the clock every few minutes.

I like football but because of work I don't get to watch my team and I use to watch Nascar and boxing

Not many. Rarely football...very rarely. Enjoy Olympics...winter and summer, but that's it.

When I watched sports, it was football and baseball mostly. I watched a lot of basketball back in the Bull's heyday. I got to see my Cubbies AND the Nationals take the Series. I like a good Blackhawks or Capitals hockey game. And I love the Olympics. I do not watch pro sports on TV anymore, however. Looking forward to the Olympics, though.

Not a one.




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