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What were you really into as a kid?

For me it was bike riding all over.  I even had a map out of local phone book so I could get around.  I liked to look at houses that were different from where I lived.  I guess it is no wonder I enjoyed real estate so much.

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Riding my bike, and roller skating. 

TV and reading. Not as much TV these days but I still read a lot.

4-H Club

I was voted the healthiest girl in Oregon when I was 12 years old through a 4-H club contest.

Anything outdoors. There was a small brook and park down the street at one home, spent hour after hour there and lived on the Hudson River before that and spent much of my time skipping stones and just sitting and playing by the river.

For me it was music. For years, I believe about 7 years, I took piano lessons. Eventually, after many years, I started playing guitar too. 

Music and the beach. I would have lived on that beach if I could have. And I was involved in lots of choral groups back then.

Music and artwork.




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