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It was minus 32 night before last...coldest in my 29 years here in NWMT. Last winter it went to minus 30 and froze a water line. This year I remembered the "7 P's"...Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, and I emerged unscathed. I had electric heaters in strategic places, all faucets dripping, and all cabinets open. Prior to that, on Thursday there was a blizzard with 4" of snow. It's still -4, and when it gets above zero and NO wind, I'll get out and start cleaning up the snow...maybe tomorrow.

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22 degrees on the farm this morning. 1/2 inch of ice in stock tank.

Evergreen trees are very shy, they never take off their leaves.

Wow! and I thought we had it bad at 10 below. MTwoman, that's just too cold.




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