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What's the most addictive game you have played online?

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I only play solitaire and sudoku and only when I am otherwise not occupied. I can not stick with either for very long. My attention span is too short to be addicted to anything.

Oh I can relate to that Patricia.   I can go from one thing to the next and get nothing done.


I only play solitaire and cruel solitaire. I wouldn't call it addictive.

I've been playing Slotomania on FB for two solid years.  

I only play Solitaire also; but there's one particular Solitaire game called Snow White Solitaire that I love and can only find it on one site. (A while back I thought the site had gone under but was just being remodeled and so I looked for it everywhere but not to be found except on the one site.)

I play Word Bliss with my niece in Colorado, and once in a blue moon play a little Mah Jong.....but that's it

Hey there Karin.  How have you been?  

It's a tie between Words With Friends and Cody Cross.

I like mah jong on the AARP game site. They are timed, so go for speed as well as points. Also play solitaire.

MTW..I have two mahjong games on my phone...one with the regular looking tiles and the other is Fantasy Mahjong with interesting fantasy themed tiles. I usually play the regular one without the timer but recently started playing with the timer on. The fantasy one, which I like best, is automatically timed.

Scrabble and jigsaw puzzles.




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