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Anybody out there? This summer has been too hot, and already too long. 100 degrees today...in NW Montana? Enough, already. The yard is the color and crunchiness of corn flakes, except for the Canada thistles which remain green despite being hit hard with Weed B Gone. The petunias are scraggly, though the marigolds seem happy. I did get new wiper blades at O'Reilly today in the expectation that it may rain again in my lifetime...last measurable rain was on 6/30. Going nowhere and doing nothing as it's too hot to be outside in the heat and smoke after about noon, but it does cool down 30 to 40 degrees overnight and there is NO humidity, so I get out by 7 and water what needs watering and do anything that I feel like doing, which is mighty little, though I try to keep the birdbath filled, so the deer have something to drink.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. It totally sucks here.

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It's been really hot, very humid, and doesn't cool down at night. As you say MTwoman, enough already! It's been so hot I haven't even fished this summer and I missed that.

It's moving towards fall now...38 degrees when I got up this morning. Once the heat went away, my feet and ankles stopped swelling, I was sleeping at night and not falling asleep during the day and Maxie cat and I were much happier. I mowed for the last time on 8/23, put Stabil in the gas tank and covered the tractor for the winter. Need to get out with the string trimmer and do a little weed whacking and then just use that to tidy things up as needed. I plan to do a lot of pruning and ripping stuff out over the next month or so now that it's comfortable to be outside.

Warming up in my part of Texas but we have went over a year without a 100 degree day.




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