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Independence day, what plans do you have to celebrate?

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There is an outside chance that Josi and I will attend an outdoor concert of patriotic oriented music performed annually by our local community band. They always finish with the 1812 Overture which leads into a fireworks display. That would be my choice as long as weather cooperates but parking is awkward and there is always a traffic jam afterwards, so we will more than likely take the easy way out and watch the similar programming on theTV specials.

I can't pass up the opportunity to be a bit melancholy here. Traditionally my family would have a large picnic celebration with all that comes with it, but we are nearly all that is left. As the only one left in my generation, I am now the senior member of the family and the younger generations have scattered across the countryside. We have been sort of adopted by my son-in-law's family, but their annual holiday gathering has morphed into a summer picnic to be held at a later date because no date is convenient to everyone. Their family dynamic suggests impending collapse too.

Free Hot Dogs and Blue Bell ice cream at bank on Friday. Free Hot Dogs, free watermelon and craft show at city 190th birthday party on Saturday. Dance Saturday night. Pork, beef and mutton BBQ at Kenney Ag Hall on Sunday then off to Round Top's the oldest 4th of July Parade West of the Mississippi River and an afternoon of the Round Top Brass Band.

No plans...my least favorite holiday. The noise into the night is a nuisance because I'm at the edge of the city limits, so there is a lot of fireworks. The biggest worry is that some jackass will set the woods on fire...very high fire danger with this prolonged heat, though things still appear green. 

I noticed that Macy's fireworks special on TV last night featured Coldplay as their lead musical act. Is it ironic that we celebrate our independence from Great Briton with a British band?

A living hell last night...awake until midnight with constant fireworks...even the cat is tired. I always have the desire to shoot the perpetrators...and who would know? At least no one set the forest on fire.

I just stayed at home and relaxed. I watched some T.V. and did a lot of napping.




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