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Have you turned on your heat yet?

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Not officially.  I did turn it on one morning when the temps dipped into the upper 30s to take my shower then turned it off about an hour later. 

Naw, it got up to 95 here yesterday.

Oh yes but it hasn't been on non stop yet.

Here (in Florida) it's on all of the time.

Not yet.

Yes it has been in the lower 30's for the last week

I usually have to turn my heat on by Halloween and turn it off around Easter. I set it at a fairly low temp so that it doesn't come on unless it gets down to that temperature.

You bet I have...it's 30 degrees out there with 2" of snow and still snowing. It's set at 68. I don't know what happened to fall this year.

Not yet. Probably around the end of the month. I think it gets chilly in here in the evening, but Dave is warm, so I just get a sweater. I am enjoying having the patio doors open during the day, though.

Not even close. It's been upper 90's to 100+ for it seems like forever. It's currently 64 outside at 1:55 am. I just shut off my fan.

One of our board members turned on the heat for our complex about two weeks ago. Then it got warm so it seemed that one night when the temps dipped, the heat didn't come up. As of a couple of nights ago it's back on...but of course, it's supposed to get warm again. I suspect they'll leave it on now though.




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