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If you have little ones in your family what do you think is the best way to handle Halloween.  My granddaughter's parents were discussing what to do about Halloween.  They were trying to find a way to tell her no trick or treating and she said "all I want is the candy".  Their solution she'll get loads of candy the day after halloween and her mother will take her to Target and let her get what she wants.  I think it was a great idea.  You have to be creative this year.  

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That's a great idea. Actually, anything that keeps those kids from going door to door is smart. Better safe than sorry!

I agree!

Steve she's a sharp one.  We spent a lot of time together and now her father is there and he's my child.  Looks like his dad, but has my sense of humor.

I don't think trick or treating is a safe activity anymore, for many reasons. Here in the village they have trunk or treat, which is supervised and has other activities for the kids. This year they are not doing so and will them go door to door again. I wish they wouldn't do either this year . I am pretty sure my son and daughter-in-law are keeping their kids at home. 

Parents might hide candy around house or yard and have children search for it, like an Easter egg hunt. Just so long as its not turned into a big party with the whole neighborhood.

My great granddaughter in Illinois is going out with her grandma in the little town where my granddaughter lives. I guess they are discouraging kids around here from going out. I am very disappointed. I always sit out on the porch with my lit pumpkin and hand out candy. I love the cute costumes, and I get to meet some of my neighbors. I am bummed; Halloween will be just another day.....like the 9,752 other BORING days this year. I will leave my light out and leave my pumpkin inside. Just another occasion not to have fun this awful year. :-(




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