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I found this on Facebook.  What do you think?

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LOL. I'm sure a lot are feeling that way but there are those that still like to get more and celebrate the ghosts and goblins. It would not bother me for them to just delete Halloween. 

Pretty much the truth.

LOL Helen - thank goodness I'm not a candy eater, or I'd be in the next size!

I just feel that because of Covid it's not safe for kids to go door to door. I don't think that everyone answering the door is going to be wearing a mask. Kids can have a small party at home. The virus will be changing our lives for years. 

I just keep wondering....why are we doing things so different with this virus? We didn't do all this in '57 and '68. And in 2012, 60 million people caught the H1N1 virus. So far, only a little over 8 million have caught this one. I don't understand. :-(

Right, Karin - is it a scare thing??  and how about the 1918 pandemic ?  Makes you wonder what this is all about.

Sorry- its all political and control.

It's not the catching, its the deaths and the after effects that makes this worse. Believe what you want, I don't plan to die for the Fatherland.

Too bad about the turkey...not sure if I will have a visitation or just do a private service in the kitchen. Halloween? not a big deal for me, and though I do like candy, haven't gained an ounce through all of this, I will say.

I haven't gained any either MTw.  In fact, I have lost 5 lbs.

LOL...yep! Well my guilty pleasure was ice cream and other snacks. I can have candy in this house without touching it for a long time. But the meme  is cute.




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