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Tell us some funny pet stories

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Our dog, Zoe, keeps us laughing all the time, but last week she did something that was so over the top funny.  My leg was vothering me so I decided to lay on the bed for a while with my foot elevated.  I didn't realize it was time for her to go out and then come in and eat her dinner.  One of us walks her and the other makes her dinner.  She came in and looked at her bowl and then came in my room and howled at me, by then he had made her dinner but she honestly acted like I was shirking my job.  I still laugh when I think of it.

LOL Yes, I can sure see that happening, she was letting you know to get with it for sure.

One of our dogs, a mutt named Dammit always needed to be told where we were going when we went out. I guess we forgot one time because when we got back he said in his doggie way "Where Were Youuuuuu?" We couldn't believe what we heard.

Another time a friend of ours was staying with us and he got home before we did and found Dammit with the garbage can lid on his neck with his big ole head sticking out. I can only imagine his explanation for that.

We just got a new cat in July- she is 1 1/2 years old- her name is Spooky- my kids bought us an automatic litter cleaning box. She love it. No matter where she is in the house- when she hears it go off she comes running to watch it do its job. Her latest id she sets on the lid and rides it when it opens uo tp dump the business in the tray.

I've got a good one that comes to mind right away. I've loves all of my dogs and 1 cat but Buddy was my favorite,  He was definitely the smartest. I had dropped Buddy off at the vet and he had to stay overnight. I had adopted him from this vet. He was a rescue and had stayed at the vet for a few months until I'd adopted him. When I picked him up the next day  the doctors (Alan and Gary Baum) were laughing hysterically. Since Buddy had lived there for months he was very comfortable and familiar staying there. What he'd done was open the cage he was in and then proceed to go to other cages and open them up too. Alan and Gary had to collect all of the freed dogs and put them back in cages. For them to laugh at this stunt tells you how great these brothers are.  I'd recommend these vets highly. Crawford Animal Hospital in Lynbrook, N.Y. in Nassau County. Sweet and caring men. 

Not so much funny, but cute and endearing: when I was a child we were babysitting a family friend's old and blind cocker spaniel. Realizing the infirmity, our dog, another cocker spaniel, could be trusted to take the leash in  her mouth and walk his blind visitor around the back yard.

That is so precious.

Our cat, Audra, gone now for 25 years or more was strictly a house cat. I let her out on the patio one day. The patio is enclosed by concrete, maybe 3 feet high and a railing on top of that.  Someone exited the building and must have slammed the door against the patio railing which was wood at the time.  It scared Audra so bad that I heard her make a sound and when I looked out, our "Catbaby" was hanging from the top of the screen...her tail bushed out so much that it looked like one of those baby bottle cleaners.  LOL  I immediately let her come in.




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