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What is your family heritage?  Are you first generation American on either side of your family?

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Mean old northern European; no first-gen on either side.

My maternal grandmother's parents immigrated from Ireland, late 1800's. All my ancestors track back to Scotland or Ireland but mostly 200-250 years ago or more.

My maternal grandmother emigrated from Norway in 1917. Her husband, my grandfather, was here already. He had emigrated from Denmark. My great grandparents on my father's side emigrated from Germany in the late 1800s.

My family  came in 1708 from France-  Madam Marie Ferree and her sons-settled near Lancaster, PA- founded Produce, PA.

Some were here before the Revolutionary War. All ancestors were here from Germany, Alsace Lorraine, and Ireland by the time of the Civil War.

My parents were born in the U.S.A.  My grandparents on my mother's side were from Poland. My grandparents on my father's side were from Russia.

Most of my family came to Texas from Prussia in 1869.

I recently "met" a second cousin that I did not know that I had on Facebook. According to her my family originated in Belarus. Her grandfather and my grandmother were siblings. They came to the USA around the turn of the century and worked in the garment industry. Both of my parents were born in the USA. My mother was born in NYC and my father was born in Philadelphia. They both grew up in Fall River, Mass.

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My ancestors came mostly from England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.  Some came on the Mayflower and some came in the 1600s and later.  Some were already here as Native Americans.  I have traced my ancestry back to way beyond the 1200s.  

I have Danish and English/Irish on my dad's side and Irish and French/Canadian on my mother's side. Many first or at least second generation. My father's father's family has been here since coming over on the Mayflower. I can trace way past William the Conqueror with on line research. He was my  24th GGF.

According to my DNA test via Ancestry in order of prominence: primarily African from various parts of the continent, the Iberian Peninsula (probably Spain), small percentages from Europe (Finland, Ireland, Russia), India and Native American. What's "funny" about this is that during a family reunion history presentation, we were told that the first ancestor they traced us to besides an African ancestor was a German slave trader...but Germany was not shown in my DNA results.

My grandmother told me her grandparents or great grandparents (can't remember which) were Indian (from India) and Spanish. According to her...her grandmother or great had long black hair and spoke no English. She was teased by the children because she couldn't speak the language. One of our historian cousins cited Cherokee Indian in our ancestry as well.




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