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Are you a creative person? 

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On a 1 - 10 scale, probably a 3. I have just enough creativity to once in a while surprise everyone around me when they have gotten used to me being mostly boring. Perhaps most of my creativity expresses itself in the form of ideas I have but never share with others. I do have a better eye for aesthetics than most of my acquaintances may realize (7 on a scale to 10). 

I think the older we get, we get creative about the way we do things. We have to figure out new ways to do the things that once were so easy.

"All of life's creativity flourishes not in certainty, but in the questions that flow from uncertainty."  ~  Susa Jeffers

None at all.

I am. I can draw. I used to do portraits both from my head and drawing from photos, as shown in Helen's pinned post about Photos and Art.

I am a musician, composer and arranger, also a pretty decent writer.

And I do get creative to solve problems when situations call for it. LOL  Like they say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". 




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