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Have any of you called about the covid.  I called dr office and was told to call call Health Dept, which I did.   and was told to call a Knoxville and again I did it.  Their voicemal says they are very busy with patients, please call again and hung up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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There's a shortage. trump lied when he said he had a stockpile and it would be shipped. I guess that we all have to wait while Pres. Biden straightens it out.

In the Ohio rollout of the vaccine, Josi and I are eligible starting February 1. Appointments are required but they won't give us one yet. We submitted applications but they are saying they only have enough doses to cover 25% of the demand.

I went online for numbers and saw that I could register online which is what I did. Will await a call or email...likely 2 weeks to a month out, depending on supply. They will be doing the clinics at the fairgrounds per the info at this time, but no way am I standing in any line, like the poor souls in Florida. We have a new Republican jackass governor and he just opened all restaurants and bars to full capacity, so I expect we'll have a surge in cases. Like I've said before...the cows in MT are way smarter than a lot of the people.

I went to my doctor a week ago and he actually gave me a paper to fill out and submit to be put on the vaccine list, as a preferred person due to age. I haven't filled out the paper because I haven't decided to take the vaccine (yet).

I haven't called or inquired as I  have no intention on taking the vaccine.  I've never had the flu and don't get a flu shot  so I see no need to get this.  I'm guessing there are millions of vials being stores somewhere in a freezer just to make a shortage, that it has nothing to do with it being manufactured quick enough.

Like you, I never take the flu shot either Wendy. At first I had no intention of taking the COVID vaccine but now I'm open to at least considering it, maybe sometime in the future. Doesn't mean I'll wind up changing my mind though. Three years ago my doctor did finally convince me to take the pneumonia vaccine, which is two shots...one each given a year apart. Allegedly it's a two shot deal, no yearly boosters needed. But guess what?! I read that it does not provide protection for pneumonia caused by COVID!

The covid pneumonia is viral. The pneumonia vaccine is for strains of bacterial pneumonia.

Yes, I realize that MTW. Still it was disconcerting when I found out. 

I got one thru work only because after the vaccine clinic they still had some doses left

I registered online yesterday.

We are both registered with the state and county. I will inquire next time we go shopping if we can get on the list with them.

We are automatically registered through out healthcare provided. Now we just have to wait for a call/email when our vaccination appointment is set up.

Vaccinations will start in my city next week. And here too there is a shortage, so who knows how long it'll take to get one.

Strange times; we are all anxious to get a shot! I hate shots, but I'm more than willing to have this one.

On an aside. I have to close my eyes during news pieces that show people getting shots, over and over and over. They seem to jab those needles in peoples arms, the needle looks really long. 




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