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Do athletes deserve the high salaries they receive? Why or why not?

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What’s the best way to travel?  Car, bus, plane, train?

I know that I'm in the minority as I have never been into sports so you know my reply. I'll never understand why they command and receive such unbelievably huge salaries. Hell, they're just playing games! 

It's a supply and demand market. There is a lot of money in big time sports. when the fans and advertisers quit paying, the salaries would come down. On the plus side, many pro athletes are involved in worthwhile charities and spend time visiting kids in hospitals, etc. 

Outrageous salaries are half the reason I boycott all professional sports (since 1994). Outrageously bad behavior is the other half but that is only from a subset of athletes. As Johnnyboy said, many athletes try to offset the badboy image with philanthropic efforts. I also agree that it's a market thing and as long as fans keep buying, it won't change. Not me, I'm out. And I'll be out of college sports too when they start recompensing those athletes for playing. Once they take money to play  they are dead to me.

I agree that many of them do charity work and visit sick kids. I love football and I think the ones who are good on field do deserve it. 

Since I really don't care about sports, really don't care one way or another, but I say...not. 

Newly drafted football players sign contracts for far more money than Michael Jordan made for most of the years he played in Chicago. And he brought 6 championships, thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to Chicago. The United Center is called, "The House that Michael Built". When soldiers earn peanuts and police and first responders make less than they're worth....grown men whose only contribution is playing a kids' game earning obscene paychecks just seems wrong.

Well put. 




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