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Some people on this list are new to me, but they are all inspiring.


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Link is above. Not sure why is posts that way.


I am familiar with Thurgood Marshall an attorney, judge  and finally a justice on the Supreme Court.  The Airport is named after him Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington Airport. 


very interesting article to read Thanks

Impressive list. I would nominate Paul Robeson to the list as well. I always thought his accomplishments have been unfairly ignored because of his political leanings.

Paul Robeson was a remarkable man. I wrote an article about him several years ago for my friend's e-magazine.

Yes, great list, thanks for posting!

Very interesting and thanks for posting.

Thank you for this Leftygirl. You have helped me by posting this easy to read article to introduce my Black History Month posts on other forums.

Great link! Thanks for posting.

I grew up just south of Prairie View A&M University. It is the second oldest Public University in Texas. Leads the nation in Black Engineers and Nurses. My son graduated there in Political Science.




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