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Picked up at library Louise Penny’s latest A BETTER MAN Thurs, read it and returned it Sat. Am sorry to say I didn’t enjoy it as much as her other books. Perhaps because there wasn’t as much exposure to Three Pines as usual. Last night started…Continue

Started by rapa. Last reply by rapa on Tuesday.

strange books

I find myself reading a series that I thought would never interest me. A Strong Woman in the Middle Ages by Lina Potter It is set in the 11th century and involves a woman who somehow goes from being in a bad accident in this century to back to the…Continue

Started by Lyn Sep 5.


Hot spell is good reading weather! Thank goodness for a/c!Am currently about 3/4 finished some historical fiction that boggles my mind via a story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida. THE NICKEL BOYS  is by…Continue

Started by rapa. Last reply by rapa Sep 4.

I met Rachel! Rapa here 9 Replies

She is such a lovely woman with a wonderful sense of humor.  We had the pleasure of her company for a few hours today.  We met 12 years ago on EONS and this was our first face to face encounter!  I just love herLyn   Rachel in the front, Corky and…Continue

Started by Lyn. Last reply by rapa Aug 4.

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Comment by grammyk on January 21, 2019 at 8:36pm

We are devastated here in my little hometown - our Library (and Town Hall in the same building) burned to the ground last night.  I have felt sick about it all day.  I was in the library at least once or twice a week and have been one of their most frequent borrowers.  This is a small town and a lot of people accessed their computer services and reference materials, as well as borrowing books, magazines and movies.  They had an extensive Children's reading room with active programs for kids.  It's such a huge loss.  There are already plans being made and fundraisers started to rebuild and I certainly hope we will be able to do that!  At this point I can still order books through another library in our "system" but there are a lot of older people in town that can't.  My heart is hurting today.

Comment by rapa on January 19, 2019 at 5:53pm

Remember our former eons member/author Anna Jean Mayhew?

We enjoyed her first novel The Dry Grass of August.

got in touch with her today and she let me know that her second novel , Tomorrow's Bread will debut at Quail Ridge Books on March 26. Let's keep an eye out for it!

Comment by Lip Service on January 19, 2019 at 3:05pm

Welcome Laura to Bookoholics

Comment by Lyn on January 14, 2019 at 7:13pm

Hope Carolyn heals well and fast.  May she find many books to enjoy while she is recuperating.

Comment by rapa on January 14, 2019 at 4:01pm

Sharing some news:  This morning our member Carolyn Tewell slipped on ice and fractured a shoulder. Said that for now she’ll be doing a lot more reading . She asked me to let you know that her favorite book of 2018 was THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW.   Wishing Carolyn patience as she heals!

Comment by Joanne on January 14, 2019 at 9:31am
I am reading a novel,which I feel might not be everyone's cup o' tea, but I stayed up till 2:00 AM, saying the "just one more chapter" chant.  It is Amor Towles "Rules of Civility".  My f2f book club has been considering reading it, but there are not enough copies available in the system at any one time to accommodate us.  The setting is NYC, basically at the end of 1937.  Story line is rather "haves v.
have nots", and some who are trying to become one of the "haves".  Wonderful characters, and at times the writing is almost poetic.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, and recommend giving it a try!
Comment by Baia on January 11, 2019 at 9:31pm

Hi, Bookoholics!  Last year was a little hectic for me and though I kept reading, I wasn't very good at writing them down for my Goodreads Challenge and I didn't finish a lot more than usual for me.  I figure life is too short and there are too many books there for me to try.
The book I mostly read this week was "The Witch Elm" by Tana French.  It is a psychological thriller set in Ireland and explores family relationships and trauma issues--and bullying.  I confess that I felt stressed out by the whole thing.  I tried to take a break and go back to it.  I tried reading a little bit a day.  But is was a library book and it was due and so I skipped to the end to find out whether the middle (usually my favorite part) would be worth renewing the book for.  Knowing the end didn't help a bit because I had so many questions, so I went back and read the middle.  I didn't like it.  If I were the kind of person who enjoyed that kind of anxiety-producing entertainment that would be okay, but I go to books to get relief from the news of the day.

The next book I read was actually a Christmas story in a series of novels by Adele Abbott which I download onto my Kindle.  The titles all begin with "Witch was when..." and are about a young private investigator who meets her biological mother as the mother is dying and receives her family witch powers without realizing it.  Her mother's dying words are "You're a witch!"  How insulting! thinks our heroine who then tries to resume her normal life with supernormal powers and a talking cat that only she can understand. These novels and stories are light, humorous, fantasies and definitely not angst-producing.

My third book this year is part of a journalistic suspense series by A.C. Fuller, an author who lives near me and whom I have never met.  We are Facebook friends, though, and I am also a fan of his father, Robert W. Fuller, the founder of the Dignitarian Movement.  Adam/ A.C. comes from a NYC journalism background, so his has some feel for the life of a young journalist.  "The Anonymous Source", the first in the series, introduces Alex Vane, a young print journalist in pre-9-11 NY who is skillful in scouting sources and getting scoops.  I found him unlikeable and had a couple of false starts in this book before I finally decided to care.  Now I care very much after just finishing the second in the series "The Inverted Pyramid".  Alex's character is developing very nicely and I can admire that. I just started the third novel "The Mockingbird Drive" in which one of Alex's sources is murdered in a random rampage just as he is about to meet Alex to give him a new story involving an old abandoned disc drive.  I enjoy these novels of journalism and various conspiracies in these time of too much news and not enough truth. Journalism isn't what it used to be, that's for sure.  I miss the old days of reporting the news with the most important facts first, tapering down to the least important facts last.  Now news is written more like a long-form sales letter that you have to read all the way through to get to the deal.  I am enjoying AC Fuller's take on modern journalism very much.  

Comment by Mandy Muffin on January 2, 2019 at 11:14am

It seems I'm still in TBD.  Some life style adjustments has kept me away for a couple of years.  My wife of 48 passed about a year and a half ago and I have been making adjustment to my life.  I'm in a Senior Retirement Complex called Otterbein, located in the countryside of Lebanon, Ohio.  It's a big change from being a snowbird, living in Kentucky and Florida.  I'm still reading; I'm still blogging, but on facebook now. Recent illness may have hampered my traveling a bit.  I was trying to take a significant trip every three to four months but my recent cruise to Alaska may be my last as I deal with some heart problems. I'll try to post something every once in a while.  


Comment by Joanne on December 31, 2018 at 6:53pm

Happy New Year everyone !

Comment by rapa on December 31, 2018 at 2:45pm

Wishing all our members a happy and gentle 2019!

.......at midnight I'll be doing "RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT". 

Hope that ya'll also remember this good luck chant!


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