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PBS will broadcast The Great American Read on Tuesday May 22 at 8:00 PM.  Viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite novel.  Remember when we used to vote for our favorite book of the year?  In the Parade magazine there is a list of the 100 best-loved novels.  It's quite a list and some of the titles surprised me.  For example, the Fifty Shades of Grey series made the list.  Had to remind myself, this is not a list of the 100 best novels.  I know, I am such a snob.  That said, I do plan to see the new movie, The Book Club, which is about 4 women of a certain age who read that book.

I was also surprised by the number of book titles I was not familiar with and saw others that I had always intended to read.  My TBR list continues to grow.

Here's the link if you'd like to cast your vote: pbs.org/the-great-american-read.

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I m not sure if the voting will begin with this first show.  It returns in the Fall, and I think that's when the voting begins.I could be wrong.

Thank you for posting this. I won't get to see it but hopefully I will see a taped version. I may call my wife to record it for me.Nice job here all of you. Glad I stayed with TBD.  Love this book site!

I checked the website and you can vote beginning on May 22 and ending on October 18.  The full series doesn't start until September 11.  Here's the link for more detailed info on voting: http://www.pbs.org/the-great-american-read/about/how-to-vote/

Am watching now.  Returned  late last night from trip to Leesburg, VA,  Will take awhile to get reoriented!

Huh, apparently the voting continues until  October 18, 2018 at midnight PT. Lots of favorites on the list, so I guess I'll sashay on over and vote. :>)

If I could choose 10 favorites I would vote... but how to choose a favorite child...  :)

Haha! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe--is that too callous?! ツ

They only restrict you to one vote per day, but you can vote repeatedly

So you don't need to choose

By the way this method of voting is called "Approval Voting" where you can vote for all the candidates that you like (and as usual, the one with the most votes win). Under this method the issue of vote splitting does not arise.




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