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Hot spell is good reading weather! Thank goodness for a/c!

Am currently about 3/4 finished some historical fiction that boggles my mind via a story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida. THE NICKEL BOYS  is by Colson Whitehead who authored THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.  The story actually takes place in 1960 when a good black boy, due to one innocent mistake, is sentenced to the Nickel Academy, a grotesque chamber of horrors.  The sadistic staff beats and sexually abuses the students and any boy who resists is likely to disappear “out back.”  

Recently finished a captivating book THE ORPHAN’S SONG.  The story takes place in Venice during the late 1770’S.  Some fantastic historical fiction here regarding the Catholic nunnery grooming young girls for their famous choir, also lots of gondolas and a most exquisite love story. I’ve loaned the book to man next door and can't remember the author but seem to recall her name is Lauren Kate.  I highly recommend this book!!!!

Tried to read MRS. EVERYTHING but returned it to library unfinished.  Couldn’t find a character to care about except the father who died early in the story. I know it’s on the best seller list but I couldn’t waste more time on it. Has anyone else read this book???

Okey Dokey, what are you reading this summer?  Good or bad.......would love to hear from you. 

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BTW, Carci, HAVE YOU SEEN LUIS VELEZ is in at the library for me.  Will pick it up Monday. like you I love Catherine Hyde’s stories.

Finished THE NICKEL BOYS  last night.Based on true story of physical abuse in a reform school mainly for black boys in Florida. Story takes place in the 1960s.  I see it’s now on the NYT best seller list. 

Tonight I will start David Baldacchi’s latest book ONE GOOD DEED. It’s over 600 pages in large print.

Carci, this week I read HAVE YOU SEEN LUIS VELEZ .  Thanks for the recommendation!  It was wonderful!!!!!!  My blind grandmother lived with us for 23 years.  I loved her dearly!  We listened to the soaps together.

Anyone else reading this summer?????  If not, what’s new with you?????? Miss your posts. 

No AC in our house just a fan but fortunately we got in the 100 only for a couple of days

Have been reading Oil and Marble by Stephanie Storey her first novel

It is a historic fantasy about Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci 

Also reading The Bird King   by G. Willow Wilson

She is a graphic novel artist who creates female superheroes but this book is a story set in Spain in 1491 

Both are books about unusual topic, both are fresh and recommended 

Our library has a recommended monthly book which has a special shelf for the book of the month and they order extra copies of it.  You get it for 3 weeks but cannot renew it.  I just finished the May book, The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth.  Initially I didn't care for it but I thought I'd stick with it since it was a BOTM choice.  I am so glad I did. Told from the main characters point of view in alternating chapters we realize how our upbringing influences who we become and how we raise our children.  It is a mystery with a wonderful ending... stick with it. 

rapa, thnx for the recommendations... I will check them out.


Didn’t mean to vanish...but had challenges trying to log in?  More senior moments!

Most of all, the best book I’ve read was back in late 2017...The Woman in the Window.  Still a frequent flyer at our local library.  Lots of Audiobooks ...mostly mysteries but even then, I’ve had to abandon some since they were too violent or morbid.  

Tried to get through a much heralded Kate Atkinson volume...title not available and my cell phone for research when I’m on iPad is in use by my 98 year old Mother in Law (who I call The Princess or Mamasan) She has one niece who calls almost daily which is a lovely thing but seems always at inconvenient time for me. 

Jim just came home so have my phone now...BIG SKY is title of Atkinson’s book.

48 Hours by William Forstchen on Audio was amazing...a venue I seldom choose.  Like the earth is about to be blown apart.  Popular with Guys who study how to stay alive when the earth loses all its resources?  Doomsday Preppers!

Still working part time, caregiver daily, Sparkpeople member, shuffle back and forth to Florida when I can to visit kids, grandkids and now Great-grandkids.  

Should be dropping by by more often.  

I have read a lot of blogs and got a subscription to the local news paper.  I am enjoying both of those.  One blog I recently found to read is "Vronni's Style Meanderings:..", she has a list, going back to 2015, of books she has read.  I only recognized a few.  I have not checked them all out yet to see if I want to read them, but I thought the list might be of interest to someone here. https://vronni60s.blogspot.com/p/books-read-in-2016.html?showCommen...

Otherwise I have not read much this summer.  My granddaughter was reading a something Dunsmore books series so I had started the first one after her and though I am reading it all the way through the treatment by the father of the little girl is very upsetting to me. I don't know if I will read any others.  I have introduced my grand-daughter to Janette Oak and she is loving the Love Comes... books. 

Grammie Sue, I only use the library and there’s oodles of good reading there. Have you ever read any of Richard Paul Evans books? Someone at the library recommend them to me and I’ve enjoyed them all!  Bet you would, too!

Kwik pass....one of my favorite Authors, Adrian McKinty released a new book called THE CHAIN.  I was so excited! Released on Audio fast!  Movie scheduled!  

He has often been described as a “Mid-Level” writer...whatever that means.  He appeared on CBS Morning show and was very engaging.  

His normal books take place in the 80’s in Ireland during the whole violence of Belfast.  Love the audiobooks read by Gerald Doyle.

This story takes place in the US in current times about the abduction of a teen girl and the struggled her Mother endures in trying to get her released.

I listened to 2 discs on Audio and had to stop!  It was so real and suspenseful that I couldn’t take it.  Maybe I will enjoy the movie?


My other excitement book was Chances Are... by Richard Russo.  Loved his Empire Falls!  This book has a lot of the style...long dissertations of analyzing feelings and how men reflect on their lives.  No, Jim would never struggle through it...and to be honest I fell asleep easily with this book plugged into my ears night after night.  Probably better to read than listen.

Tried Neon Prey by Sanford but too violent.  Did listen to an older Virgil Flowers/Sanford mystery on Audio but lots of characters and plot twists...another book best read but not on Audio.

Did hit Library today and have a C.J. Box...Wolf Pack (love Joe Picket) and “When All Is Said” by Anne Griffin...RAPA...the main character chooses the  5 most important people in his life.  He is older than you but seems like a cool guy.  I’ll let you know what I think.  He is Irish, BTW.  Don’t know why I’m so drawn to that country? My heritage is German and Anglo-Saxon.

Wish I could figure out Ning and get a grip on Text size/bold print?

The Chain...okay I had to abandon.  Very difficult to listen.  It is Mother’s being contacted by people who want to trade their child for yours.  Think those 3 young women who were kidnapped in Cleveland.

Um, well guess I already posted my challenge with this book.

Chances Are by Russo was a struggle to finish.

Reading The Way We Eat Now by Bee Wilson....loving it.  

Watching too much sports...Indians and Browns Pre-Season...limited reading time?

I read the sequel to the Kitchen House........Glory Over Everything........I read them in the wrong order and while I found them to both be good books The Kitchen House's ending did not carry over well into Glory Over Everything.  

Today picked up the new David Rosenfelt dog book. It’s an Andy Carpenter Mystery. Title:  BARK OF NIGHT

The new Sandra Brown novel should be at the library for me tomorrow. Enjoy her books as she’s a local gal. Have ten books on reserve and hope they arrive spaced out!

Did every one remember to “RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT” this month????




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