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Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!!   The Ides of March are upon us!!  What are you reading this month??  Are you reading for adventure? escape? romance? knowledge?  As always our choices are many....too many books, not enough time!!

I am finally reading Elizabeth Strout's My Name is Lucy Barton; a tender tale about a daughter still trying for a relationship with her mother.  At times, it just breaks my heart, but I haven't given up on them yet.

I'm also reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.  This book, which deals with aging and our medical community, has been on my nightstand for over a year.  It's an excellent read and more about living life to its fullest, but also speaks to the realities of the shortcomings of our society toward our final years. There is no cure for getting old and we all hopefully get to experience it.  It is an interesting read, but I seem to only be able to read it in small bites.

Do any of you remember reading The Dry Grass of August by Anna Jean Mayhew?  This was a debut novel by a 70-year old woman.  Published in 2011, she shared her story with us on the old Bookoholics site and joked about getting a 2-book deal with her publisher.  It had taken her 18 years to write her book and she wondered if she would have the time to write another.  The answer is YES!! as she shared on Facebook this week,

  1. I just wrote two of the loveliest words in the dictionary:
  2. THE END

We don't have a title yet, and of course, it will be months before publication, but I will keep you posted.

Enough of me, what are you reading this month?

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I read The Storyteller last year and I think you will enjoy the story, but then you and I have always had a thing for WWII novels.  :-)  And yes, Jodi Picoult always seems to end her books with an unexpected twist.

Loved the story... hated the ending (yes, I had the twist figured out) ...  I remember hating her ending on the elephant book as well...

Over the past couple weeks have read two fantastic psychological thrillers by Swedish writers. Both books were hard to put down and had you on edge until the end. Highly recommend them both. They are:

SOME KIND OF PEACE by Camilla Grebe and her sister Asa Traff

THE ICE BENEATH HER by Camilla Grebe

Just announced today that Robert James Walker died this morning of cancer in Fredericksburg at age 77.
His THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY has always been one of my favorite reads! Fortunately I own it and it's one that I reread!

I just finished News of the World by Paulette Jiles. All I will say is, what a beautiful, beautiful story. It leaves one with the feeling that just maybe things are not so bad with the world, after all.

Last night finished an excellent read! THE ORPHAN"S TALE by Pam Jenoff. It'a historical fiction circa WWII in Germany. Sixteen-year-old Noa, forced to give up her baby fathered by a Nazi soldier, snatches a child from a boxcar containing Jewish infants bound for a concentration camp and takes refuge with a traveling circus, where Astrid, a Jewish aerialist, becomes her mentor.HIghly recommend this book, Have any of you read it? Tonight am starting THE LILAC GIRLS.

Loved Lilac Girls!!  I have a thing for books that deal with WWII.  Will add The Orphan's Tale to my TBR list....the list that keeps growing and growing and growing!!

In May my friend Vicki and I are taking a cruise around the British Isles.  Our first stop is Guernsey, where we will be taking The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society tour.  How could I resist?!  It's been a few years since I read the book, so am planning to reread before the trip, or maybe on the long plane ride from CA to London.  I am so excited about this trip as it is the first time I have been to Europe; was beginning to think it would never happen!!  All things come to him/her who waits.

That sounds like my kind of book...  thanx for the recommendation rapa. :)  I just requested it from the library...  17 holds... 13 copies... shouldn't be too long...

I'm currently reading The Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens (The Life We Bury author).  It starts as a simple murder case but gets better as you get into it. Has anyone else read it?

I picked up The Heavens May Fall at the library a couple days ago. I loved The Life We Bury so hope "Heavens" is at least partly as good.

It was pretty good but not as good as TLWB...  I wasn't fond of the ending... Let me know how you feel about it...

I finished The Heavens May Fall this afternoon and thought it was one of the best mystery/thrillers I have read in some time. I liked it just as much as The Life We Bury and can't wait until his next one comes out.

As far as the ending was concerned, I didn't find it unexpected. I think it would have surprised me had it been otherwise.

I just finished Say Goodbye for Now by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  It's the story of an abused 12 yr old boy and the wolf/dog he finds injured on the road.  Set in 1959 in Texas, it also has a little interracial (forbidden) romance thrown in for good measure.  I always enjoy her books which read like a good Hallmark movie.




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