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She is such a lovely woman with a wonderful sense of humor.  We had the pleasure of her company for a few hours today.  We met 12 years ago on EONS and this was our first face to face encounter!  I just love her

Lyn   Rachel in the front, Corky and me in the back.

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Thanks for posting this picture.  I love Rachel; I think most of us do.  So nice to see a current picture and know she is doing well!!

How wonderful! Over the years, I have been privileged to meet a couple of friends in person that I knew from Eons and it certainly was fun. I hope you all had a wonderful visit!

it was a wonderful visit.  Too short, she was so busy........she is a delightful lady

Glad you posted the bear picture, Lyn!  Was such fun having you meet my flight, taking me on Colorado Springs tour, stopping at fantastic gift shop and non-stop getting to know you chat!!!!!

Unfortunately I apparently picked up a nasty bug on full flight home after my grandson's wedding at The Garden of the Gods. 24 hours later developed high fever, fatigue, etc. Medical Dispatch team came to house, did a blood test that diagnosed influenza type B. Got immediate IVs, meds and they returned next day to administer another IV,etc.  Mobile-X-ray showed lungs clear. The following day I awoke with a very painful, red, swollen right hand. My son took me to ER.  Would you believe that I’d developed gout from drinking so much ginger ale with high fructose. That elevated the uric acid which apparently caused the gout.  ER admitted me to hospital for three days and my internist took over. More IVs for fluids and steroid for gout. Came home gout free and spent rest of month resting and recouping. 

Am now almost back to normal routine but still a bit weak.  Have read a few really good books and have returned to Fitness Center for some gentle exercise. 

One book that I highly recommend is Susan Orlean’s non-fiction THE LIBRARY BOOK. I actually bought it from Amazon as know I’ll want to read it again.  One page touched me so much that I dropped a note to the author!  Apparently she’s on tour in Australia. 

Currently reading THE SPIES OF SHILLING LANE, a thrilling World War II tale of a village busybody who resolves to find and then rescue, her missing daughter. 

Two other books you may want to check out are:

THE NIGHT BEFORE, a thriller by Wendy Walker


EVENING, a novel by Susan Minot. This is a beautifully written story about a dying woman remembering meeting her soul-mate 60 years previously. This is a heartbreaking book, especially if you’re an older person yourself.

OK, now, what do you recommend for summer reading?????????

Rapa, So good to hear from you again.  Continue on your road to healing... I'll keep you in my prayers.  Thanks so much for the sorely needed recommendations.  I'll check them all out.  

My favorite book of the summer so far has been Have You Seen Luis Velez? by my favorite author Catherine Ryan Hyde.  It is the story of a strong bond which forms between an elderly blind woman and the teenager who attempts to help her. Highly recommended!

I just started Run Away by Harlan Coben. Too early to tell whether I'll like it or not, but I have enjoyed his other novels.

But I can't let an opportunity go by without recommending Lessons From Lucy by Dave Barry. It was easily one of my favorites of the year, or for that matter, any year. It was a book that, amazingly, could make you laugh out loud one minute and bring you to tears the next. I borrowed the book from my library but plan to buy it, so I have something to cheer me up when feeling depressed.

thanx loruach... those both are going on my TBR list.  I read the preview of LFL from Amazon and I may have to buy that for myself and/or as a gift for several friends and relatives who are dog people.  

and...   I've read everything Harlan Coben has written and enjoyed every one.  

I lost so many friends when EONS went belly up. I do have one that I am still friends with today and we text/talk, write, post on FB and send b-day cards to this day.  We have never met in person.  I am glad you have such a nice friend too.  She is a beautiful lady and so are you Rapa, though I have never met either of you in person.  

Good hearing from you, Grammie Sue!  How are things going for you these days? Looks like you’re still in CA. Are you still reading???  WE miss hearing from you!!!!




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