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For the first time in ages I forgot to "RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT!".

Anyone else forget? Maybe I should hang a horse shoe over my door or throw some salt over my left shoulder!

Hopefully will remember on New Year's Eve!!!!!! Don't want to jinx the entire year!

Any reminders will be helpful!!!

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Just finished Lisa Wingate's Before We Were Yours, a novel based on the scandal surrounding the Tennessee Children's Home in the 1930's.  Georgia Tann literally kidnapped children and sold them to wealthy families, often getting women still groggy from delivery to sign away their babies without realizing what they were signing. It's the story of 5 siblings stolen from a riverboat because they were beautiful curly headed blondes... very desirable for adoption... then put in horrible boarding house until parents were found. It is estimated that over 500 children died while in their care.  I loved this book and was appalled that this actually happened until 1950 when the home was finally shut down. Although the novel is fiction, it is based on stories from actual children who lived to tell the tale. 

It's a wonderful story of sibling love between 4 sisters and a baby brother.

Oh, yes,  I read this book.  It is excellent!

Looking forward to 2018 - - gotta be better than 2017!  As the 1st rolls in, Midnight plus 2 minutes brings my birthday...so you all sing "Auld Lang Syne" for me instead of Happy Birthday to You!!  Wishing all of you Bookoholics a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year (a bit early, I know.  But, I'll forget if I don't do it now.




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